Volkswagen GTI Heartbeat

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMay 10th, 2016


A group of 12 trainees got the internship of a lifetime working for Volkswagen. The job gets even better when they were tasked with creating their vision concept GTI which will get debuted at the Worthersee VW show in Austria. The Golf GTI Heartbeat is result of their hard work which is based on the current Mk7 generation two door hatchback.

Starting from the outside in, the GTI Heartbeat gets custom graphics, a custom body kit and a set of 20 inch wheels. Open the hood and you’ll be staring at the heart of the beast which pumps out a healthy 394hp. That puts the power output way ahead of the Golf R as well as the recently released Clubsport S.

Step inside the car and you’ll see the interns raided the VW parts bin, specifically the one that was set for the Clubsport S. The front seats are aggressive folding bucket seats that provide plenty of bolstering and support. The team then went to town on the in car electronics packing it with 1,360 watts of audio power.

The GTI heartbeat will remain a project concept from the student team and will not make it to the production lines. If you are interested in purchasing one, you’ll have to raid the parts bin yourself and build your own version.

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