Volkswagen Diesel Fix Approved in German

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 8th, 2016


German authorities have given the green light for Volkswagen to implement a fix to bring 800,000 vehicles which use their 2.0L TDI motor into compliance with German emission regulations. These vehicles currently all have a cheat software installed into the car’s onboard computer which allows them to trick testing facilities into believing the vehicle is producing emission levels that are in compliance with standards. Once the vehicle gets back on the road, the computer switches over to it’s regular mode which surpasses emission standards.

The new software update apparently does not affect the performance of the vehicle once it is installed. Volkswagen and US regulators continue to work out the details of their fix in North America. Last month, Volkswagen agreed that firm details of their fix will be made public in late June. Currently, the Volkswagen group continues their class action legal battles, and have put away $18 billion to deal with the repairs and other issues stemming from the scandal.

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