Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onJanuary 15th, 2013

Audi had the SQ5, Porsche had the Cayenne Turbo S but today, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volkwagen revealed something even bigger!

Well… Physically.

The VW CrossBlue Concept is a 5 metre long (compared to the 4.8m Cayenne/Touareg) 7-seater hybrid designed with maximum fuel efficiency and practicality in mind, but without sacrificing in the performance department. With a 2.0L diesel engine and two electric motors the CrossBlue can send a butt-puckering 510 ft/lb of torque to all four wheels, rocketing it from zero to sixty in a hair over 7 seconds despite having the cargo volume of the Birch Aquarium. However, if you’re not the racing type, you can get up to 1,100 km out of a tank of diesel and fully charged battery. The battery itself can send you 22 km as a zero emission vehicle, just in case you’re feeling extra green.

Now you heard me call it a 7-seater but only see six in the pictures, right? Well VW assures us that the production version will have the option for three seats in the 2nd row, allowing for that one extra passenger. The rest of the interior is designed for space. Space for people, space for their heads, their feet and their stuff. With everything except the driver’s seat folded down you get over 2,000 L of cargo space and a maximum load length of 3.1 meters. That’s 1.5 Yao Mings!

The driver gets a standard dose of VW modernism with digital gauge cluster and touch screen navigation. Out of the norm, and likely not to make it past the concept phase, is the addition of iPad Mini’s integrated into the front headrests. Not only does the second row of seating get their dose of infotainment, but they can bring the movies and games with them once they’ve arrived at their destination. The rest of the interior is par for the course in a minivan, and is likely to stay that way in a production version.

VW hasn’t confirmed that the CrossBlue will make it to production, nor what is likely to change if it did, but they seemed very confident that a 7-seater based on the immensely flexible MQB platform would be coming in one form or another and I tend to believe them.

VW also brought back the Cross Coupe Concept which first premiered in the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show and was seen again at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. The Cross Coupe Concept features a very similar power and drive train to the CrossBlue but in a small SUV package with seating for 5 and off-road capabilities. Many more pictures of both vehicles are down below in the gallery.

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