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Drug Fire Kills Dogs and Skylines


A few days ago, we brought you news on marijuana’s danger to drivers. Today, we bring you news on marijuana’s danger to cars.

Not too long ago we reported on a fire at International Vehicle Importers which unfortunately claimed the lives of their two shop dogs and a whole host of JDM imports which the company specializes in importing into Southern California. At the time of the fire, the cause was unknown, but now a building adjacent to IVI has been identified as the source of the fire.

That particular building was also housing a pot-growing operation which was just setting up shop. According to Sean Morris, owner of IVI, he noticed heavy traffic moving in and out all day before the fire, so he suspects that the grow-op overloaded the buildings power breakers which started the fire.

International Vehicle Importers is known for importing rare Japan only vehicles into the US. This includes several Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, Toyota Soarers, and Mazda Cosmos.

A Stable of Skylines Perished


International Vehicle Importers in Ontario, CA have been bringing Nissan Skylines to American customers for some time now. Let’s be clear here, I’m not talking about the current Nissan GTR that anyone with enough cash can buy from a dealership. I’m talking about those ultra exclusive first generation Hakosukas, R32, R33 and R34s all of which were never brought to the US by Nissan.

So what makes this such a sad story is that a fire broke out at one of IVI’s locations and all 24 Nissan R32 GTRs they had in stock were destroyed by the inferno. Even more unfortunate is that the owner, Sean Morris’ two shop dogs were also lost in the blaze.

Cars can be replaced, and Morris actually has other warehouses full of GTRs, but the loss of a mans best friend is something no money can buy. Featured on CBC News Special Series

Tonight CBC Calgary News continued their special series on auto theft, Hot Wheels. The first part covered the Calgary Police Service’s HEATT (High Enforcement Auto Theft Team) and the second part focused on the police helicopter, HAWCS. The third part was about the role of the internet and the role it plays in today’s increasingly connected world. Making another appearance was “The Claw”, an epic happy ending story where forum members helped track down a stolen Skyline.

The CBC News clip can be viewed below. Our famous President and Co-founder, rage2 makes an appearance as does Moderator Jaymez and forum member Envision.

Skyline GT-R vs 997 Porsche Turbo

GT-R With ECU Mod Runs [email protected]

Stolen Skyline Story Featured In Lecture by David Price

It appears that the stolen skyline story featuring The Claw is still alive and kicking out on the interweb. David Price gave a lecture to a group of music teachers showing them how quickly the world has changed. The claw story segment was used to highlight how the internet allows a large group of people (that’d be you!) to organize a collective action so quickly, and so effectively. Apparently, the video was not supposed to be released publically, but the story was told so well I thought I’d post it onto the home page.

David felt bad for calling us a bunch of car geeks but I don’t think any one here on beyond minds, its just another way of saying “car enthusiast”, no? All we need now is for the mainstream media to learn from David how to tell a story properly and you know, focusing on the part that made it the epic story that it was.

It’s always great to see stories like this spread on the internet.

2010 Nissan GT-R V Spec Hits Nurburgring

JDM 4 Life! And By Life I Mean A Year Or So

JDM vehicles for sale on used car marketplaceA forum member noticed that the used car marketplace has been bombarded with RHD vehicles lately which begs the question, whats the deal?

Wow so i took a gander at the marketplace and saw RHD cars raping the marketplace. (see attached picture). 5 of the 11 cars for sale in the screenshot are NOT RHD… the rest are. What the hell? Do people just get sick of their RHD cars that quickly , or whats the deal?

So why is everyone selling off their beloved right hand drive vehicles? Has the novelty of driving on the wrong side worn off already? or have the owners finally realized what a big pain in the ass they are to drive on streets designed for left hand drive vehicles? I suppose going through Peter’s drive-in every weekend to use the “RHD enabled” drive-thru just isn’t the same as it was the very first time.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of RHD vehicles for sale on beyond right now, so if you’re in the market for one, nows the chance to get a good deal.

2009 Nissan GT-R Ultimate Road Trip