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Mitsubishi Transmission Recall

2016 Outlander Sport SE interior

Mitsubishi has issued a recall which affects their 2015-2016 Lancer, Outlander and Outlander Sport vehicles. The problem has been identified as a faulty signal in their constant velocity transmissions which will result in the vehicle hesitating upon acceleration. The momentary hesitation may increase the risk of an accident. The recall impacts approximately 80,000 vehicles.

Mitsubishi initiated tests to confirm the issue and results indicate that the loss of signal is a result poor contact between two electric terminals inside the switch. When the signal is lost, this triggers the engine to put out less torque resulting in the hesitation.

The recall will resolve the issue by having dealerships update the software in the transmissions’ control unit. Recalls began August 15 so we encourage all affected owners to contact their local dealership to schedule their recall appointment. The Fix: Mitsubishi dealerships will reprogram the CVT control unit with a modified software. The inspection is said to take around 30 minutes. The recall began August 15.

Mitsubishi Grand Tourer Concept


Mitsubishi has been tight lipped about a plug in hybrid SUV which it will be marketing as an upscale vehicle. The concept vehicle will debut at the upcoming Paris Autoshow in the fall. From what can be seen so far, Mitsubishi is taking a deviation from their sporty and somewhat chunky proportioned cars and moving towards a sleeker design with the concept.

In a statement by Mitsubishi, “The combination of advanced driving technologies packaged using the latest Japanese design trends and quality will propel the Ground Tourer Concept for effortless cruising in all driving conditions on and off road; all while accommodating passengers in a quiet, comfortable and luxuriously crafted interior”.

More information will make its way out on the Japanese automaker’s concept vehicle around the time of the Paris Auto Show.

Mitsubishi to Pay $480 Million to Customers


Although not a small sum at $480 million in comparison to Volkswagens multi-billion-dollar fiasco, Mitsubishi’s wallet is still going to take a hit as they prepare a compensation package for owners who have been affected by the company’s fuel economy data rigging. So far, the compensation and data rigging seems to be limited to customers in Japan only, but only time will tell if that is true.

Japan’s transportation ministry will be reviewing and approving Mitsubishi’s testing parameters to ensure compliance moving forward which should be completed by the end of June. The data rigging impacted a total of 20 vehicle models in Mitsubishi’s Japanese lineup. The company only revealed 13 vehicles were impacted in the past and that was caught by the ministry as well.

The customer compensation program will allot each impacted owner with $1000 in compensation.

Mitsubishi’s False Fuel Economy Data


It has been nearly two months since Mitsubishi admitted to falsifying fuel economy data on some of their vehicles in Japan. Well, now its starting to look like the originally disclosed number of impacted models was lower than they stated. Details will soon be released on which models were further affected, but their US division vehemently denies that any of their vehicles have false fuel economy data.

From the fall out of the fuel economy scandal, there will be some shuffling around at the top. It is expected that Tetsurao Aikawa, President of Mitsubishi, and Ryugo Nakao, EVP, will resign. The Chief, Osamu Masuko, will continue in this role to provide business continuity as Nissan absorbs 34 percent of Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi CEO Quits


Mitsubishi Motors President Tetsuro Aikawa will resign from his job on June 24 amidst the company’s fuel economy scandal. In a statement released by Mitsubishi, “Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has caused tremendous trouble and concern to our customers and all of our stakeholders. Considering this, Mr. Aikawa and Mr. Nakao decided today that they will resign.”

Aikawa joined Mitsubishi in 1978 and continued to grow in his career becoming a specialized engineer and credited with Mitsubishi’s mini-cars. Aikawa’s decision to leave the company was to enable the brand to have a new start.

Mitsubishi to Sell 30% to Nissan


Mitsubishi has found itself in a lot of trouble lately for their fuel economy numbers scandal. Based on preliminary investigations, it looks as though the number of models impacted by the scandal might be larger than expected. This is certainly doing nothing good for the company’s branding or their stocks.

Reports coming out of Japan’s Nikkei is stating that the top buyer for those Mitsubishi shares is Nissan. If the deal goes through, which looks very promising as the deal is rumored to be in the very late phases, Nissan will not only own 30% of Mitsubishi, it will also become the largest share holder.

The 30% shares is expected to give Mitsubishi a solid $1.84 billion bump in capital which will help them out significantly considering the financial hit they are taking on the stock market. The company, in the grand scheme is still fairing alright through their scandal turmoil.

Mitsubishi USA Claim Fuel Numbers are Correct

mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi Japan is in a lot of trouble having recently been raided by officials on allegations of producing fraudulent fuel economy data. This had Mitsubishi USA and the Environmental Protection Agency on high alert with the EPA immediately launching an investigation. Mitsubishi USA also immediately reacted and conducted an internal audit on their vehicles dating back to 2013. According to the automaker, many of the models they produced between 2013 t0 2017 have accurate fuel economy readings.

Mitsubishi Japan has admitted now to authorities and to the public that they flubbed fuel economy data in their mini cars sold in Japan. They were able to do so because of different laws and standards around Road Load Coefficient testing. The EPA in the US has 1 set of standards that is used for Road Load Coefficient testing and Mitsubishi USA adhered strictly to those standards. As a result, the US based company is now trying to distance itself from news coming out of the Japanese company.

Mitsubishi’s 25 Year Lie


When you lie, you either have to take it to the grave, or you fess up when you’re caught. In the case of Mitsubishi, it looks like they are not at the forefront of a fuel mileage scandal that stretches all the way back to 1991.

The issue came to light when Nissan found fuel economy inconsistencies in some of their tiny kei-class cars which were made by Mitsubishi. When Mitsubishi was confronted, they fessed up about the fuel economy issue and said it might impact as much as 625,000 vehicles. US regulators are now in on the investigation as well and requested data from Mitsubishi to confirm the accuracy of the fuel economy numbers stated for the vehicles sold in the US.

The numbers on fuel consumption is typically calculated with a formula which takes into account driving resistance which is based on a coasting test determined by Japan’s Road Transport Vehicle Act. What Mitsubishi has done is have their engineers create their own “high-speed coasting test”. Much later in 2007 Mitsubishi decided to stick to Japan’s mandated testing protocol. However, in pockets of the company, engineers continued to use the old approach which introduces inconsistent standards in the calculation of fuel mileage.

So far, Mitsubishi has only admitted to incorrect fuel economy data on their minicars. However, the investigation is only seeing the minicars as a starting point and many more leafs will be turned over in this comprehensive review.

Mitsubishi Research Center Raided

A man walks out from Mitsubishi Motors Corp's showroom at its headquarters in Tokyo

Emission scandals are now reaching Japan with Mitsubishi’s research facility in Nagoya, Japan, being targeted by Japan’s Transport Ministry in a raid to try and seize documents and information from the automaker.

Mitsubishi admitted to officials that they purposefully manipulated the emission and fuel economy data on over 625,000 vehicles sold in Japan. The vehicles with false fuel economy data have a stop order on production. These scandals continue to rack up major financial troubles for those involved. In Mitsubishi’s case, in two days their stocks dropped by 33% which is equivalent to $2.5 billion.

Mitsubishi Outlander Gets a New Face and Electric Power

The New York Auto Show marks a major milestone for Mitsubishi. This is the first time they will be unveiling their all new 2016 Outlander and it is with this SUV that they will be showcasing the company’s new design philosophy.

On the outside, the Outlander gets a makeover utilizing more sophisticated design elements which helps boast refined look. The front facia now features a double barred chrome grille which prominently extends to the lower portions of the front bumper. Streamlined headlights housing dual projectors cap off the front end changes. Black textured body trim follows along the wheel arches and connects on the lower door sills to create a rugged yet refined look. The rear received a textured lower diffuser and redesigned tail lights.

The changes are more than just what you see on the surface. The Outlander’s chassis incorporates over 100 new design and engineering changes which all aid to create a stronger and dynamic platform. The suspension has been redesigned to offer better dampening, reduction in vibrations, and an overall better driving experience. This is all thanks to the use of dynamic dampers in the front and rear of the vehicle which helps to smooth out the ride.

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