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2015 BMW X6. 2014 Paris Motor show

Hot on the heels on the reworked 2014 X5 is the latest X6. For 2015, BMW has reworked the exterior with aggressive lines that make even the most pedestrian X6 look like it got some treatment from the in house M performance group. LED headlights take on a traditional look with LED bars that are now common across the BMW line taking on the rear. There is a hip crease over the rear fenders that is reminiscent of the Ponton rear fenders of the W212 E-class and the W218 CLS. The front fenders are adorned with a non functional vent that has invaded all of the latest BMWs with a look straight out of the Canadian Tire tuning catalog.

Personally, I have never understood the X6. To me, much like the 6 series 4-door coupe, it is a way for BMW owners to show off how much money they have. It is more expensive than an X5 and less functional. It isn’t meant to go off-road, but it is heavy on road. You can’t carry much due to the sloping rear hatch. BMW has apparently 250,000 examples of the first generation. I guess there is a market for these things.

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Audi TT Sportback concept. Paris Motor Show


Another 4-door coupe. What are these for? Passenger headroom is as bad or worse in the rear due to the sloping roof line. Impractical for kids as there are only two seats in the back. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great looking *sedan* but who buys these things? Audi is doing what BMW is doing. Taking all the coupes and making 4-door coupes and taking SUVs and making 4-door coupe SUVs. Can’t wait for the Q2, Q4 and Q6.

Audi claims their bread and butter 2.0L turbo motor is making 400hp in this concept. I believe it as there are production vehicles with near that much power. I am sure there is a spattering of upgraded internals and a huge turbo to make that kind of power.

This concept won’t show up in production looking like this which is a shame. Enjoy the photos.

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New York: Mercedes-Benz AMG unveils the CLA45 AMG

The time has finally come. The much anticipated CLA45 AMG is finally here at the New York International Auto show, fully undisguised, in person to see what the fuss is all about. The CLA class is a huge undertaking by Mercedes-AMG, a huge departure for the luxury German Brand. A front wheel drive platform with optional AWD (a first for the brand in the US), and a price point to reach a much younger demographic, it’s been a highly anticipated model by the Generation Y crowd, as well as our forum members.

Here at Beyond, we’re performance enthusiasts. Like Ricky Bobby, we want to go fast, so we’ll be focusing more on the CLA45 AMG model. Up close and in person, the car looks like a shrunken down CLS63 AMG. The “4 door coupe” styling is a little upscale compared to the competition, which is what makes this car so attractive. In fact, by offering the 4 door coupe concept to the CLA, Mercedes-Benz has pretty much defined a completely new segment. The 4 passenger seating maximizes room for the rear passengers, allowing you and 3 friends to ride in style and luxury. The most attractive feature, however, is the price. Starting at $48,375, this brings the AMG brand to a huge new audience and target market.

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