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Ford Recalls 88,000 Vehicles


Ford is issuing a recall that impacts approximately 88,000 of their vehicles in North America. These vehicles include the Flex, Taurus, the Police Interceptor sedans, and also Lincoln’s MKS and MKT all produced between 2013-2015. The issue has been identified as a faulty fuel pump control module which could result in the vehicle not starting, or worse, stalling during operation.

At this point, no accidents have been linked to the recall. If you do own one of these vehicles, contact your local dealership for more information about the recall. The dealership will inspect the vehicle and replace the fuel pump control module at no cost to vehicle owners.

Return of Mazda’s RX Supercar


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! The long awaited car of redemption from Mazda may finally be coming. For those of us who loved the RX7 from the 90’s but loathed its predecessor the RX8, here comes the RX9 to totally redeem things for Mazda. News is starting to surface that Mazda executives have greenlighted the designs and production of the next generation RX.

Although the name is not official, the RX9 moniker follows suit to what Mazda used as a naming convention for their last generation replacement to the RX7. At this point, there is not much information to share about the RX9 as everything is still in the design phase. To stay competitive in the market place, it’ll likely push out somewhere in the vicinity of 400hp. Power, of course, will come from a rotary engine. However, displacement and forced induction details are unknown. What will be interesting to see is whether Mazda can somehow integrate their rotary technology with EV technology just as many other manufacturers are doing today.

More information about the car will slowly start to come about. We know that prototypes will likely start surfacing in 2017 and production date sometime in 2019. Regardless of the little information we have, what we do have now is hope and that’s enough to hold us over.

Lexus LC500 Powers Up


Lexus’ LC 500 has been a highly anticipated car since it was unveiled at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Although Lexus has their “F” line of performance oriented cars, the LC500 was designed from the ground up to be a performance car. So much so that the head honchos at Lexus hired in a group of outside engineers during the road and track development phase.

Now that performance equation has been one upped again with Lexus stating that the car will make it to production with more power than originally planned. That’s always good news! The LC500 will be powered by a tuned 5.0L V8 which will pump out 471 hp and 398 lb/ft of torque. This is all thanks to a fully reworked intake and exhaust system. All of that power will be channeled through Lexus’ 10-speed automatic transmission.

Tesla‘s 2 Year Lease Makes Model S Very Affordable


Tesla’s goal is to bring EV technology to the mass population. They furthered this mission by introducing a new two year lease program for the Model S and the Model X which makes both vehicles more affordable to broaden their customer base.

With the new lease plan in place, buyers can have the Model S for as low as $593 a month, while the Model X will start at $730 a month. But the old saying “no good thing comes for free” is the case here. Buyers are restricted to the base Model S 60 or Model X 60D and they are required to pay a down payment of $6000, pay a $695 acquisition fee, and also put down one month’s lease payment up front. So even though the monthly payments is more affordable, buyers will have to fork out over $7000 right off the bat.

Once you own the car, you will be limited to only driving 10,000 miles per year. However, you can purchase extended mileage for the vehicle in options of 12,000- or 15,000-miles. If you want to take advantage of the deal, you have until September 12 to do so.

BBC Made a Mistake Firing Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson is a ratings god. His journalistic approach which is combines a great level of wit and the temperament of an adolescent which strangely charms viewers by the masses. This hold true so much so that ex-BBC boss Mark Thompson has even said that “it was a huge mistake for the BBC to let Clarkson go”.

Thompson goes on to say that “Clarkson can be a deeply objectionable individual, and I say that as a friend. I don’t think people should punch their colleagues. It’s hard to keep them if they do. But I would say his pungent, transgressive, slightly out-of-control talent was something the BBC could ill afford to lose.”

Lucky for us, and unlucky for the BBC, Clarkson found himself a new job along side his equally rating drawing team of Richard Hammond and James May and will be back on the air this fall with their new show The Grand Tour.

Pagani Huayra BC Debuts at Pebble Beach


Pagani took to Pebble Beach to debut their Huayra BC to North American buyers. And by buyers I mean those who probably also own a yacht and multiple summer homes in the Hamptons. Pagani targets a very specific market with their hypercars which also take a very unique approach by over engineering every detail of their car where form follows function. But that’s not to say that function is compromised in any way by form as both take on the highest levels of craftsmanship.

The Huayra BC is the flagship car coming out of the Pagani factory. The car has gone through a 300lb weight loss which equates to higher levels of performance. Downforce is improved by the fixed rear wing. Pagani stated that “the goal of the car is to blend the comfort and usability of a normal Huayra with more track-oriented ability.” And it looks like they succeeded!

Mitsubishi Transmission Recall

2016 Outlander Sport SE interior

Mitsubishi has issued a recall which affects their 2015-2016 Lancer, Outlander and Outlander Sport vehicles. The problem has been identified as a faulty signal in their constant velocity transmissions which will result in the vehicle hesitating upon acceleration. The momentary hesitation may increase the risk of an accident. The recall impacts approximately 80,000 vehicles.

Mitsubishi initiated tests to confirm the issue and results indicate that the loss of signal is a result poor contact between two electric terminals inside the switch. When the signal is lost, this triggers the engine to put out less torque resulting in the hesitation.

The recall will resolve the issue by having dealerships update the software in the transmissions’ control unit. Recalls began August 15 so we encourage all affected owners to contact their local dealership to schedule their recall appointment. The Fix: Mitsubishi dealerships will reprogram the CVT control unit with a modified software. The inspection is said to take around 30 minutes. The recall began August 15.

Ken Okuyama’s Kode57


The name Ken Okuyama might not be familiar to many, but the man definitely has built quite the resume when it comes to car designs. You might be more familiar with his work such as the Ferrari Enzo, Maserati’s Quattroporte, and the Pininfarina P4/5. Having one masterpiece under your belt would already be quite the accomplishment for designers, but Okuyama has three to boast about. So when he went forward to form his own creation and put his name on the emblem, you know the deliverable will be quite spectacular.

Ken Okuyama’s Kode57 is still a concept, but its rumored production price will be somewhere around $2.5 million USD. You can see lots of design elements from Okuyama’s past get pulled into this one piece of art. The most striking feature of the car is it’s rear cantilevered doors. Unlike Lamborghini’s scissor doors which swing out and up, Kode57’s doors swing up and backwards. What this design does is really open up visual line of sight into the interior cabin when the doors are swung open. And anywhere you look at this car you are greeted by aggressive lines and angles.

McLaren’s Variable Tint Roof


McLaren is a company that develops and builds some of the most exclusive cars on the market. So why not have a division that’s dedicated to delivering bespoke options for owners just to make things even more exclusive. That division at McLaren is called MSO and this year they produced a new electro-chromic roof which allows drivers to select between five different tints ranging from almost clear to dark.

McLaren decided to debut this new feature on their 570GT. The car they used was a black-and-white vehicle which really shows off the roof when it goes through the various levels of tinting. The MSO division did a few more subtle changes to the exterior of the 570GT to really bring the car together. It received gloss carbon fiber sill panels, and a Piano Black package which is applied to the wheels, side skirts and door inserts.

Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Debuted


Another huge release in the automotive world this weekend was from Lamborghini who debuted their Centenario supercar in a roadster form. The roadster will be produced in limited quantities, 20 to be exact. The one which debuted at Monterey Car Week was painted in a color called Argento Centenario which is only found on the Centenario roadster.

The Centenario roadsters will utilize the same 6.2L V12 which is normally found in the coupe. The highly capable V12 produces 760hpp and 510lb/ft of torque. Even more impressive is that the roadster is only 0.1 seconds slower to reach 100km/h than the coupe which does it in 2.8 seconds.

Similar to the coupe, the price tag of the Centenario keeps it in exclusive status. The coupe is priced at $2 million USD while the roadster tops the bill at $2.3 million USD. For that kind of money, buyers can customize their Centenario with any color they wish to choose, or just leave the car in a bare carbon fiber finish.

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