WWII Bomb Found at Volkswagen Headquarter

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 13th, 2016

vw headquarter

After Volkswagen’s brand destruction of a year, the company drops another bomb on us, literally. This time, it appears that a World War II era bomb was discovered at the company’s Wolfsburg, Germany headquarters. Fortunately, bomb experts got to the unit first and defused it.

Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant was commissioned by the Germany military during war times. You would normally think that over the course of 70 odd years, and countless number of cars coming out of that factory that a 250kg bomb would’ve been discovered, but sadly the bomb went unnoticed until recently. Construction workers working at the facility found some suspicious pieces of metal around the facility grounds, and when the bomb was discovered 700 employees got evacuated to make way for emergency crews to do their job.

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