Will There Be a Jaguar F-Pace XE?

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 19th, 2016


Jaguar’s Pace is a beautifully designed SUV that’s been a welcomed entrant into the crossover SUV space. Their top of the line version currently offers a well powered 380hp engine that provides enough pep for hauling the family and gear along. However, competing brands are offering high power versions of their SUVs in the likes of AMG or M variants. So how does Jaguar respond? Their SVO division drops in their V8 supercharged motor which will pump out a hefty 500hp.

That’s right, this is the same motor that you can find in Jaguar’s F-type sports coupe. Now the Pace will definitely be able to keep pace, if not surpass the performance of its competition. Jaguar is currently developing the production model which will be called the F-Pace and it’s likely to hit showrooms sometime in 2017.

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