What will be the name of the Blue Paint on this Viper?

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 8th, 2013

In my opinion, only one of these color names doesn’t sound completely ridiculous, but somehow these are the best choices out of over 11,000 that were submitted. Will it be Competition Blue? Overtaking Blue? or Viral Blue?

I was lucky enough to see the new blue in person during SEMA and I like it. I’m boring when it comes to color choices. White is my preferred car color besides black and gunmetal grey, but if I was forced to choose an actual color, as in not a shade of black/white color, it would definitely be blue. I think the closest match for the new Viper blue would be Audi’s Nogaro Blue. It’s pretty much an exact match but without seeing both blues beside each other I couldn’t be 100% sure.

I’m hoping that Competition Blue will win out, because the other two names just sound silly but we’ll find out next week when the winner is announced.

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