Want To Save Gas? Just Relax!

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJune 11th, 2008

Relaxing will save you gas!Oil recently hit an all time high of just under $140 per barrel and the price of gas did not take long to follow suit. Just this week the average price of gas across Canada shot up about $0.10 per liter in many regions. In Calgary it shot up about $0.08 per liter. As a result, many people are changing their car buying decisions opting instead for something a little less thirsty.

Others turn to fuel saving tips like inflating tires to maximum pressure, coasting down hills, tailgating large trucks, rolling down windows instead of using the air conditioner, and filling up in the morning. The list of fuel saving tips is endless! Hypermilers take all these tips to the extreme and often get hybrid car like mileage in non hybrid vehicles.

However, many fuel saving tips are simply myths and results gained from following them are actually the result of something else:

“Mythbusters” co-host Adam Savage has made a living debunking gas-saving myths on his popular Discovery channel show. The only thing he’s found that really saves gas? Relaxing. In an experiment that will air in an upcoming show, the “Mythbusters” team found that people who drive while they’re angry use 50 percent more gas than people who are relaxed.

“The difference was absolutely astonishing,” Savage said. “You just use a lot more gas [when you’re angry]. That has more of an effect on your fuel economy than any other single thing.”

That’s right! The dreaded “R word” that women hate to hear in arguments is something that will help you save gas. It all makes sense, when you’re stressed or angry you tend to drive faster. You floor it, slam on the brakes as you run into traffic, switch lanes, floor it again for a few seconds until you run out of room again, and repeat.

Source: ABC News

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  1. Hakkola says:

    Rolling down the windows creates more drag which causes increased gas mileage. Mileage is about the same with windows down as it is with air conditioning on, it was on Mythbusters as well!

  2. Steven says:

    One myth i saw on mythbusters was the truck and tail gate. Leaving a trucks tail gate open so there is less drag and less fuel usage did not work. When the tail gate was closed, the truck used less fuel.

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