Waiting Continues for Nissan’s Compact RWD Sportscar

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMarch 30th, 2016


We have all been waiting for Nissan to develop a small rear wheel drive sportscar that will compete against the likes of Mazda’s Miata or the Toyota 86. But it seems like we’ll have to continue waiting for that dream to come true.

Executives at Nissan has confirmed that they will continue to put energy towards their flagship sports car the GT-R and their Z sport coupe. Producing a small rear wheel drive sports car is not in the pipeline. It is currently cost prohibitive to develop this type of vehicle as it would be a ground up design. Without partners to share in designing a platform, the costs involved are just way too high and not economical.

If options come up for Nissan to share development costs, there could be a possibility that the small sports car could come to market. But until then, the idea will sit quietly on the back shelves of the Nissan development group.

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