Volkswagen’s “How to Cheat” PowerPoint Found in Investigation

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 28th, 2016

vw cheat powerpoint

A PowerPoint presentation that documents in detail how Volkswagen could cheat emission testing was discovered through an ongoing investigation into Volkswagen’s diesel scandal. This is definitely a face palm moment for the German automaker.

The presentation is said to contain detailed description which shows the programming which can be coded into the computer of the vehicle which would predict emission testing conditions and pull back on pollution controls under those circumstances. Once the car knows it’s back on the road, it turns off the pollution controls and goes back to the performance that owners are used to, unknowingly producing much higher pollution.

Apparently, the presentation was created by a very high level executive in the IT department at Volkswagen. That individual’s name will not be disclosed due to the privacy laws of Germany.

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