Volkswagen Investigated for Tax Evasion on False CO2 Levels

Posted by: Lydia Siu onDecember 1st, 2015


Once you start to peel back the onion, it doesn’t take long before companies like Volkswagen begin to cry. Scandals continue to grow at Volkswagen as German prosecutors begin an investigation which targets five Volkswagen employees. The Brunswick based prosecutors are investigating tax evasion activities at Volkswagen as a result of reporting lower levels of CO2 in their group of vehicles.

German CO2 tax law mandates car owners to pay a set amount of annual taxes on the vehicle based its CO2 emission level. Currently, prosecutor‘s main goal is to determine if tax evasion activities were present. However, a spokesman for the prosecutor‘s office states that it could extend to a fraud investigation.

All of this continues to mount as the Brunswick based prosecutors continue to investigate into Volkswagen‘s diesel scandal. Volkswagen revealed in September that they had installed an emission cheating software into a number of their diesel engine equipped vehicles. So far this affects approximately 11 million vehicles worldwide.

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