Volkswagen Budd-e Defines Going Green

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 3rd, 2016


Volkswagen’s concept transport vehicle dubbed the Budd-e gives us a peak into the automaker’s mindset on green design production vehicles. The Budd-e concept was debuted at the 2016 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

What the Budd-e has going for it is a spacious interior cabin with configurable seating positions all thanks to a flat cabin floor. Below the floors hides the vehicles batteries which are used to power electric motors which power the front and rear axels. The batteries span the entire length of the floor which gives the Budd-e an estimated 233 mile range. Having no gas tank, the Budd-e offers an extensive amount of storage space both inside the cabin, and also in a stowaway compartment that extends from the back bumper and into the belly of the vehicle.

The Budd-e is a nicely package vehicle that offers a lot of unique features. The only thing it doesn’t offer is soul. Volkswagen enthusiasts have been longing for the manufacturer to debut a replacement for the much beloved Microbus. Volkswagen created the concept Bulli which echoed much of the classic design and tied bus lovers over for a little while. Then finally this year they released the Budd-e and have stated that much of the concept design elements will likely make its way into the production vehicle. Unfortunately, for many bus enthusiasts, this is like taking a punch to the gut.

Here’s to hoping that when the Budd-e does go into production, which is estimated to be around 2020, that Volkswagen will adapt some more of the classic designs into the new car to continue the Microbus’ legacy.

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