Volkswagen 3.0L Diesel Cheat Details

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 9th, 2016


Volkswagen’s dirty diesel scandal has mainly been on their 2.0 TDI motor. We have heard that their 3.0L V6 diesel motor was also being investigated for having a cheat software installed. Specifically, vehicles using the company’s 3.0L diesel motor has been installed with a software that turns off emission control equipment after a predetermined period of time.

So far, the 3.0L diesel engines are not part of the larger recall and buy back program which recently got approved and solidified at Volkswagen. That program is restricted to their 2.0L diesel motor only. How customers will receive compensation for this scandal is yet to be determined as Volkswagen will need to come up with a fix and recall plan for those impacted vehicles as well.

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