Trouble Brewing on Set of Fast 8

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 10th, 2016

the rock

Dwayne Johnson is easily identifiable as one of those individuals who have the highest level of work ethics and a laser beam focus and drive to perfection. Just look at his relentless drive on perfecting his physique, and watch some of his online motivation videos. So when you work with Johnson and don’t bring your A-Game, you will be called out. And Johnson did so publically.

He took to Instagram, where he has a huge online following, to vent his frustrations with his male co-stars on the movie Fast 8. Johnson used the online platform to call out his co-stars as “candy asses.” These words were directed at his male co-stars, but he had nothing but praise for his female co-stars. Johnson alleged that the male actors were unprofessional and lacked professionalism while on set. He doesn’t call out specifically who he was targeting his words towards, but does say that the behavior on set was making his “blood boil”.

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