Toyota Mixes It Up At SEMA 2015

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onNovember 6th, 2015


Toyota mixed things up at SEMA 2015 this year, packing their booth with trucks and SUVs while a handful of classic cars treated those who stepped outside. I spent most of my time admiring the Corollas and Supras – what 30-something boy racer wouldn’t? – but the bigger vehicles were definitely the stars of the show for Toyota. Especially given the notable absence of the FT-1. This is the first show in almost two years that Toyota hasn’t brought the FT-1 Concept, which kinda worries us.

The Back to the Future Tacoma made an appearance in a faux-toy package getting whatever mileage they can while BTTF is still relevant. A Tundra was converted into a limousine which, these days, isn’t that outrageous. Hell, we were given more pause by the Challenger limo roaming the strip later in the night. The most ridiculous vehicle Toyota brought was one that almost slipped under our radar. At first glance we saw this matte black lifted 4×4 with bumper, winch and LED bars and thought it was just another 4Runner from the TRD parts bin. We walked away without giving it much more thought. It wasn’t until Bernard looked back and noticed the odd shape that we realized it wasn’t an ordinary 4Runner. In fact, it wasn’t a 4Runner at all… it was a Sienna.

Toyota took their minivan and turned it into an off-road machine, which is precisely what we want to see at a show like SEMA. Decisions that go past “What was this guy thinking?” and into “I don’t care what he was thinking, this is awesome”. I’m sure most guys in North America who drive a minivan would love to do something like this, and now they’ve got a template. Check it out, along with Toyota’s other offerings, in the gallery below.

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