Toyota Introduces The C-HR Compact Crossover Concept

Posted by: Kenny Chan onOctober 6th, 2014


Joining the market trend, Toyota has just introduced a compact crossover concept vehicle here at the Paris Motor Show. If the C-HR compact crossover concept is ever produced, it would slot in under the RAV4. When I first spotted the C-HR from across the show floor it looked almost like someone took a Scion FR-S, jacked it up and added plastic fender liners very much reminiscent of those found on the Audi allroad lineup. However, looking through pictures of it after leaving the show floor, I see more Nissan Juke. Either way, I like it.

Just like the RAV4 when it was first introduced, the new compact crossover would be available both in a 3-door or 5-door configuration. The C-HR is a preview of what Toyota wants to introduce to the crossover market and will be built on an entirely new platform. It will of course be powered by a hybrid powertrain. However, there isn’t much more to talk about as Toyota hasn’t been very forthcoming with details.

I must say, this does look pretty nice and as usual I try to imagine concept vehicles toned down to see what it’ll look like in production form and the sweeping wheel arches, even if narrower should make for a (more) exciting vehicle for the Toyota lineup. That unfortunately means it probably won’t be produced.

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