Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMay 9th, 2016


You mention station wagon, and the image it usually conjures up is a squared off family hauler packed to the ninth with camping gear heading off for a summer weekend from surburbia. Well, station wagons have come a long way, just ask the up and coming 604hp AMG E63 wagon, but nonetheless the demand is not improving. But interestingly, when you use a name like “Shooting Brake” in place of the station wagon nomenclature, there seems to be a bit more appetite.

Seen here is a concept rendition of Toyota’s 86 as a shooting brake which, to me, has huge potential. But don’t hold your breath as Toyota has no plans to put this more practical version of the 86 into production. The concept image shows a car with the same wheel base, but the roofline of the 86/BRZ has been extended to create the wagon rear section.

With some wishful thinking, one can hope that they may see a shooting brake 86 on the road some day. As a wagon fan myself, I appreciate the uniqueness of its functionality matched with the 86’s typical performance oriented character.

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