Top Gear Launch Fail

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMay 31st, 2016


Since it’s star lined cast was announced a few months back, fans have been patiently waiting for the UK based car show to make it’s return to TV. Press and critique around the new show have been very mixed prior to airing. With the cast getting into trouble with authorities during filming, to the drama surrounding lead host Chris Evans and his behavior, we were really wondering if the new cast could fill the big shoes left by the old hosts.

Well that was answered last night when the first reboot episode aired and lets just say there’s a whole lot of growing up that needs to happen. It’s not that the show was a flop by any means, but the tone of the show felt much like the new cast was trying to replicate what the old cast created. The bantering between hosts felt contrived and a little stiff, but lets hope that’s just the result of this being the first episode.

But for me, the biggest sore thumb of the show was lead host Chris Evans who pranced around the show like an excited school boy. He didn’t carry the maturity needed to build the credibility of a solid lead host. Instead, his energy and style really pulled down the rest of the hosts in my opinion.

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