The Track Rat: ESS Supercharged BMW M3

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onJuly 30th, 2014


What really blew me away was how well everything worked together. The drivability of this car is incredible, and probably better on the streets than stock. There’s good amounts of pulling power throughout the rev range where you can easily short shift, or not shift at all, as you dice your way through rush hour. There’s no rpm hunting at idle, there are no surges or dips in the power band, and the A/C is blasting ice cold air as we crawl through traffic. You know, if it wasn’t for the different engagement point on the clutch, I would have no idea that there’s a supercharger hiding underneath the engine bay. It’s that good.

It’s not exactly difficult to explain why this car works so well. Manufacturers dial in production vehicles on racetracks around the world. It’s an effective test bed because if you can nail a car’s demeanor at its absolute limits, road manners will just fall right into place. While Race City is no Nurburgring, it goes to show how effective track time and setup can reward you with such an amazing end product.

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