The Nurburgring Removes Speed Restrictions

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 6th, 2016


The world famous German race track has seen its fair share of records and accidents. Most drivers come out unscathed with their on track shunts, but sometimes the luck just catches up to us. An accident last year on track killed a bystander who was watching the on track excitement. Ever since that accident, Nurburgring officials have imposed speed restrictions on certain parts of the track to improve safety.

Clearly for safety reasons drivers understood why, however, that doesn’t take away the much diminished excitement that this infamous track offers. What more, by imposing speed restrictions, automakers could no longer take their flagship super or hypercars on track to do a time attack to make fastest lap of the ring.

The once imposed limits have now been lifted to everyone’s joy. Once again, drivers can take on the ring at the fastest pace they can handle and once again manufacturers can try to claim the title of fastest around the Nurburgring. Officials at the ring did manage to repave sections of the track and rebuild or add new protection around the track to increase safety.

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