The Fast and the Furious Jetta Goes Up for Auction

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 3rd, 2016


Fast it is not, but furious…maybe. One look at this Jetta and you can easily put a date stamp on it simply by its visual prescience. This Jetta may look familiar to you as it was featured as one of the main vehicles in the long standing and very lucrative franchise The Fast and the Furious.

This Jetta is a MK4 which uses a 2.0L engine and a four-speed automatic transmission. It packs a walloping 115hp stock. There are some engine bolt on in the form of an air intake, headers and a few other small bits. Those surely will add negligible horsepower to the 2.0L powerplant. But this car isn’t about power or looks. Its about what it stands for.

This Jetta exemplifies the aftermarket modifying scene of the early 2000’s. Although not that long ago, the modifying scene has definitely evolved very quickly over the last 16 years. This car also stands for a time when mainstream aftermarket modifications were coming to the forefront and become a multi-billion-dollar industry. The movie franchise, The Fast and the Furious, took what we knew as a subculture and plastered it onto the big screen catapulting a subculture into the big leagues.

The Jetta is currently owned by Frankie Muniz from the TV show “Malcom in the Middle”. The car is also signed by director Rob Cohen and late star Paul Walker. This car will likely continue to trade in the hands of movie memorabilia fans.

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