The 2015 Corvette Z06 Is Here, Is Awesome!

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onJanuary 13th, 2014

Arguably (not really) the most anticipated vehicle of the 2014 NAIAS in Detroit is the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Since 2001 the Z06 has been a blue-collar track and strip monster, running 11 second quarter miles and pulling over 1G on the skidpad straight off the lot. When we found out that the base C7 ‘Vette was going to have only 50 fewer horsepower than the outgoing Z06, we knew that the new Z06 was going to be ridiculous.

We weren’t wrong.

As is to be expected before a car show, some details were revealed ahead of the official unveiling thanks to a technical miscue. On January 7th we discovered that the 2015 Z06 would have more than 625 horsepower and a better-than-the-C6-ZR1 630+ ft/lb of torque from the new supercharged LT4. We also found out that, for the first time ever, the Z06 would have an available automatic transmission, though we didn’t have any details on it. Now we do.

The Z06 will have the normal 7-speed rev-matching manual from the Stingray, but it will also have an all new 8-speed automatic, designed and built in-house by GM. From there, the power hits the ground through Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. The entire car was designed in conjunction with the Corvette C7.R race car to not only have the power to compete, but the suspension and aerodynamics to win. We didn’t receive any details on the updates, but were told that the Z06 beat the old ZR1s time around their test track with ease.

So you’ve got more power than a Ferrari 458, tires more than a foot wide, oh, and a removable carbon fiber roof! Sounds amazing, right? But we still haven’t hit the best part…

Look at it. Just look at it. It’s a race car. That front lip, those side skirts, that spoiler, that hood, those air dams. There’s no mistaking the Z06 for anything but a car designed and built to go fast in every direction and look mean doing it. I like the look the base C7, I love the look of the Z06. If they make a C7 ZR1 I won’t know what to do with myself.

The worst part? Same steering wheel. They need to take a cue from ANY OTHER MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD and make a steering wheel for the 21st century. Even Porsche managed to make a sexy steering wheel. What’s the problem GM?

See below for a gallery of the best looking production car in Detroit.

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