Tesla Reports Crash in China

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onAugust 19th, 2016

tesla china

Tesla has reported that their autopilot has once again been involved in an accident. Autopilot has come under fire recently due to the recent fatal accident that happened while a driver was not paying attention while utilizing the feature. The company has come out to say that their technology is still in it’s early stages and is not perfect. The company has warnings in the vehicle alerting drivers to pay attention while using the function.

According to data pulled from the vehicle, Tesla has confirmed that the driver’s hands were not on the steering wheel at the time of the accident. The investigations states that the driver of the vehicle did not steer to avoid a parked car and subsequently hit the side of the parked vehicle. According to Tesla, drivers should always have their hands on the steering wheel so that they can take over at any time. The owner of the vehicle has responded saying that Tesla sold him the vehicle under the pretense that the car was fully functional under self driving mode.

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