Tesla Model X Build Quality Continues to be Questioned

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMay 30th, 2016


The Model X seems to be getting a bad rep, and owners aren’t holding back when it comes to the complaint about its build quality. Most recently, a owner is suing Tesla Motors for their inability to fix his Model X and demanding he be returned the $161,970 spent on his Model X.

The owner, Barrett Lyon, is no stranger to the Tesla brand as he’s been a customer since the beginning. He currently has a Model S, a Roadster, and the lemon Model X in his stable of cars. The Model X seems to be leaving a really bad taste in his mouth as all the gremlins you can think of is happening to his car. Lyon states in his lawsuit that the doors slam shut and fling open randomly, once injuring his wife when the door closed on her. He also states that the autopilot is faulty and extremely dangerous in wet road conditions. Also, the autopark functionality of his Model X is not operating properly nine times out of ten.

The Tesla brand continues to forge forward with their innovative vehicles, but it will be critical for the brand to improve on their reliability if they want to keep customer loyalty.

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