Tesla Model S Price Slash

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 13th, 2016


Tesla’s Model S was never a cheap form of automobile to get into. The base start price of the Model S use to start at $76,500 largely because there weren’t that many options or choices to choose from. Now Tesla is putting a few range selections into the Model S lineup which will give the car a much better base starting price.

The lowered price point for the Model S is reflected in the options the vehicle will come with. Starting with the base which is the 60, the starting price will be $66,000. The 60 will use the 60kWh battery which was once available in the Tesla lineup but eventually phased out. Well, to keep demand up for the Model S, the 60 range is now back in play. The 60D will also be available which feature all wheel drive and will start at $71,500. The range topper is the 70D starting at $76,500.

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