Tesla Fire Caused by Short

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 21st, 2016


When new technology comes to the mass market, there’s always skeptics ready to hark on the technology in a moments notice. In this case, a Tesla Model S was photographed in Norway where it was engulfed in flames. This sent the internet ablaze challenging the safety of the electrical systems in Tesla cars. Even Sandvold Roland, Tesla Spokesperson, stated that the fire was a result of the car itself and not the supercharger.

Specifically, the fire was the result of a short that happened in the Tesla’s electrical distribution box. Tesla has assessed the issues and will be updating the vehicles software to provide added security and monitoring of it’s electrical system to detect these types of shorts. So far, the incident is isolated and Tesla has confirmed that it was not connected to the supercharging stations that are used to quick charge the vehicle.

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