Tesla Eliminates 85kWh Battery for Model S

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 9th, 2016


Tesla is a company that really defines the EV space in the automotive industry. The company shows that not only can you make a car green by being full electric, you can also have staggering performance from it as well. Thinking about its customer base and applying the adage of less is more, Tesla has decided to expire the their 85kWh battery for the Model S leaving only the choices of the 70, 70D, 90D and the P90D.

The official reason for the expiration was not stated, but one could assume that the value for the range between the 85kWh versus the 90kWh battery makes the latter are more enticing buy. This also translates to less production cost to generate an additional battery option for Tesla and it makes choosing options for the Model S simpler for consumers.

Sticker prices for a base Model S will start at $70,000USD which is packaged with the 70kWh battery and the vehicle gets a rear wheel drive configuration. The top model will start at $88,000USD and will be packaged with the 90kWh battery.

The Tesla movement is truly one that is redefining and will continue to redefine automotive history.

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