Takuma Sato Thinks IndyCar More Exciting than F1

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMarch 31st, 2016


Takuma Sato, former Formula One driver for the Jordan and Super Aguri teams, says that IndyCar is more exciting for drivers and challenging for engineers that Formula One is today. One can’t argue that the close racing, whether on an oval or on a road course, and aggressive overtaking seen in the IndyCar series makes for great entertainment and adrenalin rush for both drivers and fans.

According to Sato, “I do not see F1 as attractive as before, but I understand that today the economic situation and the sophisticated technology have changed things. The fans don’t like them, but I’m not totally against it because F1 is always a technological challenge that I love.” He goes on to say that IndyCar is a more exciting series because the cars are all so similar. This makes for closer racing, but also creates more challenges for engineers as the rule of the game is different than Formula One.

Sato says “What is certain is that F1 is fast on the straights, but the cornering forces are lower than in IndyCar, and this is multiplied on the ovals. We are at 6G now, and I’ve never seen that in F1. There, you take a bend but in two seconds it’s over; but on an oval it never seems to end.”

But at the end of the day, Sato still loves F1. They just need to find their way again.

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