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Jacques Villeneuve Concerned with Formula One’s Direction


Jacques Villeneuve, 1997 Formula One World Champion, is the latest person to voice their opinion about the direction the top tier motorsport is taking and the outlook of the sports future if it continues down this road. According to Villeneuve, the sport has been on a steady decline over the last decade as continuous rule changes have been made to the sport which have more of a Hollywood show factor than for the excitement of the motorsport itself.

Villeneuve said, “It’s going the wrong way with trying to add more show. We are trying to be the X-Games, appealing to teenagers who spend their lives doing something different every 10 minutes on the Internet. But Formula One will never be a show like that with exploding cars and drifting and 10,000 overtakes. F1 is not artificial Hollywood and going in that direction will destroy it.”

“What is needed is to restore F1’s former glory and prestige and, above all, its credibility.”