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Return of the Track Car

When Race City closed down in the fall of 2011, many purpose-built track cars lost their purpose. Cars that were terrible to drive on the roads but excelled on a power track such as Race City were left sitting on backyards and driveways, waiting for the day when a new track opens, allowing them to stretch their legs once more. Beyond’s co-founder, Kenny Chan, owns one of these track cars, where the car existed solely to lap the road course as fast as possible.

This Civic had quite the journey getting to where it is today. In its original configuration, it was a bare bones 1992 Civic Hatchback shell, completely stripped down, with a B18B1 Integra LS motor. Back then several Beyonders, including myself, were at the forefront of Honda tuning. Loaded with 94 octane fuel, a cold air intake, and an open exhaust, I was able to squeeze out 175hp out of the motor with some aggressive tuning. The car was making a name for itself on the drag strip, easily beating out 200hp Hondas with the ITR engine thanks to its low weight and excellent launch control system.

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Honda Announces Series of New Turbo VTEC Engines

Today, Honda announced the introduction of three all-new VTEC turbo engines as part of its growing Earth Dreams Technology range. These new engines come in three capacities; 1.0L, 1.5L and the 2.0L, and will deliver a dynamic performance, as well as class-leading output and fuel economy.

All three engines will be direct-injection petrol turbos, utilizing variable valve motion technology such as Honda’s refined VTEC technology. Together with Honda’s 1.6 litre diesel engine and hybrid technology, these new turbo engines will be applied on a number of future global models, depending on local market requirements and vehicle characteristics.

Based on a completely new engine structure and utilizing its newly developed turbo systems, Honda has downsized its engines and produced a highly efficient 1.0L direct-injection, 3-cyclinder turbo engine as well as a 1.5: direct injection, 4-cyclinder turbo engine. Both engines have low friction throughout and are able to achieve class-leading output and environmental performance.

The first VTEC turbo motor that will arrive is the 2.0L, which will appear in the forthcoming Civic Type R. A highly efficient and highly responsive engine, it will have an output in excess of 280 horsepower and will be EURO 6 compliant.

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Calgary BMW Staff Joyride In Customer M3

It’s well-documented that dealing with any BMW dealership in Calgary is like spinning the big Roulette Prize Wheel Of Terrible Customer Service. Will you get charged hidden fees or added repairs without your consent? Will they attempt to weasel their way out of warranty work? Will your car actually be fixed? You may not find out until it’s too late. Some owners have gone as far as to create a website about the terrible service they’ve received from Calgary BMW dealerships.

However, BMW service is always expanding their horizons, and there’s always room on that Wheel Of Customer Service for another imaginative way to screw over you and your vehicle.

Today we have a report that there is a new diagnostic procedure in the BMW Service Manual:

Section 76(b)

When a customer brings in a heavily modified high-performance BMW to have basic electrical work done, bag the shit out of it in the parking lot.

rage2's HPF Stage 3 M3

Nice car, time for a joyride!

That’s right. Our own rage2 owns not only, he also has an HPF BMW M3 that puts out over 750HP with methanol injection. This is not a car you let your mother drive, much less random hoons from the service department. Rage2’s car was damaged earlier this year by an inattentive driver, and after some repair work was done at an independent shop it needed the foglight wiring harness replaced. A simple enough job that one would expect the Calgary BMW service facility could handle it without incident, but the level of brutal customer service at Calgary BMW just keeps on surprising us.

Rage2 had the car flatbedded to Calgary BMW so as to avoid marring the fresh, unprotected paint job. A few days after he left the car in the capable(?) hands of the dealership, a fellow Beyond member called him and let him know that he had seen the car being joyridden around the dealership at approx. 4:00PM on October 17th with no front bumper. While this is outrageous to begin with, it should also be pointed out that a car of this performance level needs to be driven properly, and that does not include being flogged around by some numptys in a parking lot. The car’s owner is suitably pissed, and hopefully we’ll hear some updates when he gets ahold of the service manager. Will the joyriding punks get nailed to the wall? I damn well hope so.

Update 1

Not only did the morons take it for a spin in the parking lot, a report from another Beyond member indicates that the car was seen being driven erratically (thrown through corners, launched from stoplights, etc.) in SE Calgary near the dealership. The green line in the image below represents the path they were seen taking.

Calgary BMW Staff Take Customer Car For Joyride

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Not All Calgary Police Officers Are Pricks

In fact, the title of this blog post is misleading because most Calgary Police Officers are actually pretty friendly folk. The driver of this turbo Honda Prelude would probably agree since he was given a warning after being pulled over for nearly tripling the speed limit on Bow Trail just exiting downtown. The officer actually only estimated the speed at just slightly above double the limit, but the driver later admitted he was going about 160.

Sure it sucks that his car was towed but paying to get your vehicle out of the impound lot is about $80 vs. the mandatory court appearance, possible suspended license, and at least a couple grand in fines. I’d wish that I would encounter cops like this, but then again I never break any traffic laws ;)

Kids, don’t try this at home! Especially if you’re from Ontario.

HPF Turbo M3 vs 700 HP 300ZX

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