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Matt LeBlanc’s Beefed Up Paycheck for Next Seasons Top Gear


The lead host role for the rebooted Top Gear UK TV show commands a hefty pay check at £1 million. However, a dismal season 23 means that there is talks about the future of the show right now. However, even with the uncertainty of season 24, one things been on the table and that’s whether to bring Matt LeBlanc back as lead host. As much as LeBlanc was the silver lining for the last season, his fate on the show is still yet to be determined.

LeBlanc has said that he would love to come back to the show, but there’s just nothing definite yet at this point. Even with these rumblings coming out of the LaBlanc camp, BBC has stated that they “don’t expect further changes to the Top Gear presenting line-up.” But until there’s a signature on paper, nothing is ever certain.

50 Cent to Save Top Gear


The first season of the UK rebooted TV show Top Gear has come and gone. The ratings went up and down like a roller coaster, but more down towards the end of the season. With dropping ratings also came dropping their lead host Chris Evans who in large part caused the poor ratings as the show never really came into its own in the first rebooted season.

But according to 50 Cent, he believes BBC’s appointment of Matt LeBlanc to become lead host will be the savior of the show. Although that’s only part of the equation, the new Top Gear will take some more work than just a new host to bring its ratings back up. Fifty Cent went on further to claims that “I could save that show for sure.” “There ain’t a car I haven’t owned over the years, my car collection is as good as anybody’s out there.” Although the rapper has had many cars in his lifetime, what we do know for sure is that hosting a show of this caliber takes a little more than a good resume of cars in the garage. All we have to say is good luck to 50 Cent and hope he comes out from his bankruptcy.

Top Gear Burnout at UK War Memorial Investigation Dropped by BBC


With the first season of the rebooted show wound down, so has the investigation against the show for doing a burnout at UK’s 96 year old war memorial. The trust that oversees the BBC stated that their appeals to the matter were at this point done and closed. The scene where Ken Block and Matt LeBlanc did the burnout never made it on the air.

Maybe that’s a good sign to come for the show? Even though it has no bearings on where the directon of Top Gear will go next season, any good news is something in the right direction for the newly rebooted TV show. Another piece of good news, it is expected that Matt LeBlanc will take over the lead host role for season two.

Chris Evans Breaks Silence

'Top Gear' : Photocall at MIPCOM 2015 In Cannes

As loud as he was on Top Gear, it was equally surprising how quiet Chris Evans has been following his departure from the UK TV Series. Until recently, Evans had only brief closing words of his departure. But he has released more information and in quite a classy follow up to his departure, Evans wrote some words of high praise of his ex-coworkers.

In a column in The Daily Mail, Evans talked about his tenure at Top Gear as “a complete honor, privilege, and a pleasure.” He goes on to say, “It seems I may well have been a square peg in a round hole. Which is fine if you keep on hammering it in, but the moment you leave it to do its own thing, the universe will quite rightly pop it back out again. I think the phrase is ‘not meant to be’.”

Evans’ departing words to cohost Matt LeBlanc provided praise and support to the now lead host of Top Gear. “May I just take a few lines to assure you what a total mensch and extreme petrolhead Matt LeBlanc is. For me, he is the man. He is the captain Top Gear truly needs going forward, the perfect torso for the rest of TG’s limbs. Not only does he eat, sleep, breathe, and dream engines, propshafts, and trail-braking, but the overwhelming quality that struck me about him is that he’s just such a pro.”

Now that the first season of the rebooted UK TV series is in the bag, we can’t wait for the what’s to come in the next season.

Chris Evans Leaves Top Gear


Chris Evans’ has made the decision to leave Top Gear. This is the latest news on the struggling rebooted UK TV show which has been hurting to keep viewership up since it aired. Even before the show’s first episode relaunched, controversy was already surrounding the production and its cast. Most of the drama was surrounding lead host Chris Evans on his behavior with cast members. It surely didn’t help his cause when the reviews started coming in on his performance on the show.

It was inevitable that the new show would be compared to the outgoing hosts which did an amazing job to bring Top Gear to where it was. The new cast already had a big pair of shoes to fill, but Evans’ performance was far from fan favorite. Evan’s on camera performance was over the top in an annoying way, and his driving commentary definitely didn’t make you want to watch more. As the episodes continued to air, reviews continued down the bad path for Evans.

The most recent pressure from co-host Matt Leblanc calling for Evans’ dismissal likely sped up the inevitable outcome for Evans. Episode six, which is also the show’s season finale airs today and this will be Evans’ final episode as a Top Gear host.

Top Gear USA Cancelled


Troubles continue with the Top Gear franchise but this time its over on US shores. The American variant of the UK based automotive TV show hosted by Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara was announced by Wood over social media to be airing their last episode on the History channel this week.

The show began with a slow start but soon got into its own rhythm and found their own fan following. Although the show will no longer be airing on The History Channel, there isn’t word if it will be picked up by another network. For now, its just so long, but it’s not good bye. With a final departing message from Wood, “The three of us will stick together and hope to bring you much more Top Gear USA, albeit it somewhere else it appears.”

Matt LeBlanc Threatens to Quit if Evans Isn’t Fired


More bad news for the newly rebooted UK Top Gear. Since it’s debut airing, ratings have continued to spiral downwards episode after episode as the host try to find their ways with each other. Episode 2 and 3 showed a glimmer of hope when Top Gear producers gave Chris Harris more air time, but ratings again dwindled for episode 4. Now, it seems that the chemistry between the hosts, specifically Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans continues to plummet like the shows ratings.

Most recently, Matt LeBlanc has stated that he plans to quit the show if Chris Evans isn’t fired. This comes as a result of Evan’s ongoing outburst at the cast as well as on set viewers. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Evan’s outbursts. The most recent exit as a result of poor relationship with Evans was show executive producer Lisa Clark who stated that Evans was “tyrannical”.

We know the show won’t get pulled off the air that easily, and even if there are host changes, there’s still 4 others co hosts to choose from to fill Evan’s shoes. All we know is, only time will tell whether Evans can keep his gig. But despite his poor behavior, Evans hasn’t been able to click with audiences of the new show at all.

Top Gear to Shrink Chris Evan’s Role


It took only the premiere episode of the rebooted UK TV show to tell audiences that lead host Chris Evans was really not a well fit for the dynamics of Top Gear. After only taking in half the viewers in the second episode, that sealed the deal. Top Gear decided to switch things around in the third episode by bring in Extra Gear hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Both personalities have been a great hit on their Extra Gear features, but audiences believed that they may even make better Top Gear hosts.

So with that said, Chris Evans may start to take a smaller role in future episodes of the new Top Gear leaving Harris and Reid with more air time. Matt Leblanc will continue his role as host, and little has been said about Sabine Schmitz. She’s an amazing driver, and can definitely talk the talk, but her personality has yet to truly come through in the show.

We are looking forward to see where this shake up will take things for Top Gear. We still have hope for the show.

Top Gear Yet Again Fails to Pull in Ratings

'Top Gear' : Photocall at MIPCOM 2015 In Cannes

Viewers voice is in, and Top Gear isn’t doing too well with it’s new line up of hosts. The rebooted UK TV series hosted by Chris Evans pulled in dismal ratings for its second episode at 2.8 million viewers. While that may sound like a lot, that number is only half of what the old Top Gear pulled in as the average viewer rating, and substantially lower than the predicted 5 million viewers estimated by Evans.

The second episode was also down by 1.5 million viewers as compared to the new series premiere last week. Although official numbers are not in which will include online streaming viewers from iPlayer, it is hard pressed for those numbers to pull in enough ratings to make a substantial difference. What we are seeing is a quick spiral trend downwards for the rebooted Top Gear and that is not a good sign.

Top Gear Launch Fail


Since it’s star lined cast was announced a few months back, fans have been patiently waiting for the UK based car show to make it’s return to TV. Press and critique around the new show have been very mixed prior to airing. With the cast getting into trouble with authorities during filming, to the drama surrounding lead host Chris Evans and his behavior, we were really wondering if the new cast could fill the big shoes left by the old hosts.

Well that was answered last night when the first reboot episode aired and lets just say there’s a whole lot of growing up that needs to happen. It’s not that the show was a flop by any means, but the tone of the show felt much like the new cast was trying to replicate what the old cast created. The bantering between hosts felt contrived and a little stiff, but lets hope that’s just the result of this being the first episode.

But for me, the biggest sore thumb of the show was lead host Chris Evans who pranced around the show like an excited school boy. He didn’t carry the maturity needed to build the credibility of a solid lead host. Instead, his energy and style really pulled down the rest of the hosts in my opinion.

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