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The Rock and Vin Diesel Continues to Battle

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Or is it really? According to some sources, there seems to be a claim that the Rock is taking a page out of his wrestling days and fabricated the fake feud to promote the Fast 8 movie as well as an up coming WWE match. However, what doesn’t add up is the fact that the feud is pretty one sided. If this is in fact fake, there should be more banter back and forth to drive up the drama. In this case, it’s been pretty one sided.

The likelihood of the feud being legit is pretty high. Ultimately, the Fast and Furious franchise is a money printing machine. There has been a loyal following to the movie franchise and the lead characters from the day it premiered in theatres over 15 years ago. Realistically, the movie doesn’t need a lot of hype and will still make boat loads of money.

Whether or not the feud between Diesel and The Rock is real is yet to be determined.

The Rock’s Beef with Vin Diesel

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By now, we all know that the Rock had called out his Fast 8 male cast members as being “Candy Asses”, but what we didn’t know is who that statement was targeted at. After a few days of having this news swirl on the internet, the rumor mill is pointing to Vin Diesel as the target of that comment. With a movie franchise like this with so many big stars on set, it was just a matter of time before heads butt and tempers flare.

The claim is that Diesel and Johnson were disagreeing on some on set decisions. Specifically, decisions being made by Diesel were not sitting well with Johnson. So much so that the tension on set was making people uncomfortable.

The Rock Gets Gritty


Dwayne Johnson, or know to many wrestling fans as The Rock, will be reprising his role in the next installment of the Fast and Furious movies. Images released shows a gritty looking Luke Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson’s character. It seems all the characters who get close or are part of Dom’s family end up a little bit on the darker side.

According to Johnson, he will be reinventing his character Hobbs to give viewers more depth in the character. The character will challenge what audiences know of Hobbs to date, and will definitely make things interesting on the big screen. Johnson goes on to says, “maybe Hobbs just gets on his motorcycle and rides off into the sunset, never to be seen again. Either way, I’ve had a solid first week of shooting,”

I for one can’t wait for the next movie to come out which is set to hit the big screen on April 14, 2017.