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Tesla Model X Recalled for Faulty Seat


Tesla Motors Inc. will be issuing a recall on the Model X when the company identified an issue with the third row seat latch during internal crash testing. The issue is that during a frontal crash test using stricter European Union standards, a latch meant to hold the seat upright collapsed during testing.

According to Jon McNeil, Tesla’s head of global sales and service, “We’ve had no issues with failures in the field. But consistent with Tesla’s approach, we’re erring on the side of putting our customers’ safety first.” The recall will impact approximately 2,700 Model Xs which were all destined for the US.

Tesla plans to first contact all of the affected owners and provide them with details of the recall and instruction on how to get their vehicles repaired.

Disrupt: The Tesla Model S P85D Reviewed


I can’t think of any car manufacturer that has been able to create such polarizing opinions on our forums as much as Tesla Motors. From users (including myself) analyzing the stock price, to die hard car enthusiasts debunking the cars, to owners praising the Model S, Elon Musk has created a product that has been able to strike up huge volumes of discussions of the future of our automotive landscape.

Regardless of various opinions on the company or the product, if we ignore all the noise associated with the marketing, the promises, and future Tesla Motor products, the Tesla Model S, shown here in P85D trim, is a solid piece of engineering. A bleeding edge product that doesn’t come attached with the typical pitfalls of bleeding edge products, a vehicle that has successfully converted everyday drivers to electric motoring. It is human nature not to embrace change, and Tesla has done an excellent job of creating an electric car that mostly drives and feels like your everyday high performance gas guzzling sedan. This is what separates the Tesla Model S from the EVs that have previously failed to strike a chord with buyers.

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You Like “The D”? Tesla Motors’ New AWD Model S

Tesla Model S - Motor Trend 2013 Car of the Year

After what seemed like weeks on end of jokes about Elon Musk showing us his D, we have all now finally seen the D he had teased earlier. In front of a group of journalists at the Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles, Musk got on stage to announce what the “D” was. No, Tesla did not have any news about a new Model D, but instead the internet rumors were in fact correct about the D standing for “Dual Motors”.

The new all-wheel-drive dual motor powertrain improves 0-60 times to just 3.2 seconds and increases the top speed of the Model S thanks to the addition of a second smaller electric motor up front increasing torque to 690 lb-ft. This allows the P85D to break into the 11s on the quarter mile! All-wheel-drive models can be identified with the new “D” model suffix. You may be asking how adding a second motor will affect the range, and you may be surprised to hear that it actually adds 10 miles of range on the non Performance models due to improved efficiencies. On the P85D, range instead drops by 10 miles.

Also, taking a book out of a Steve Jobs product announcement, Musk had one more thing which he teased as “something else”. Tesla Motors has been working on a suite of autonomous driving technologies that will be included with all new Model S vehicles. A new camera that can read street signs and detect pedestrians along with long range sonar and radar will work in conjunction with the onboard navigation system technically enable the Model S to drive itself, but instead will be used as an advanced safety and collision avoidance system until Tesla is able to integrate other redundant safety systems.

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Tesla Opens First Canadian Dealership at Yorkdale Mall

The first Canadian dealership for Tesla Motors opened its doors in Toronto today as part of Yorkdale Mall’s latest expansion. The dealership–or rather design centre–being in a mall is not a one-off. Locating their design centres in shopping centres brings in more foot traffic than would otherwise be possible by locating in traditional settings like an auto mall. Not that they necessarily need all that traffic as the Model S which recently won the Motor Trend Car of the Year for 2013 has far more demand than production can currently keep up with.

Elon Musk, Co-Founder and CEO of Tesla Motors explains in a blog post that car buyers have generally already made up their mind on what car they want before they even head to the dealerships. “That is why we are deliberately positioning our store and gallery locations in high foot traffic, high visibility retail venues, like malls and shopping streets that people regularly visit in a relatively open-minded buying mood. This allows us to interact with potential customers and have them learn about our cars from Tesla Product Specialists before they have decided which new car to buy.”

Tesla’s unique retail concept demonstrates the benefits of driving electric with enticing visuals, interactive displays, and design studios where customers can design their own Tesla Model S on a large touchscreen and then view it on an 85-inch video wall.

Plans for future Canadian expansion so far are limited to building out more service centres only. Tesla is planning on building service centres in Vancouver and Montreal to augment the existing service centre in Mississauga. If I were to guess, the next Canadian dealership will likely be in Vancouver.

Shocker: Tesla S Beats Out Gas Burners for 2013 Motor Trend COTY

Motor Trend has announced that the Telsa Model S has been awarded its 2013 Car of the Year award beating out a wide field of offerings from automakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche. To take the top honours, the Model S garnered a unanimous vote from the panel of Motor Trend judges–a first for the coveted award.

“Our aspiration with the Model S was to show that an electric car truly can be better than any gasoline car, which is a critical step towards the widespread adoption of sustainable transport,” said Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO. “Nothing illustrates this more clearly than winning Motor Trend’s Car of the Year by unanimous decision against a field of exceptional competitors.”

While electric cars continue to be “image cars” in my opinion, Telsa is at least making cars that are exciting to see and drive. At least we know the future bodes well for Tesla, if not for the electric car.

Source: Tesla Motors

Coal vs Oil Drag Race – Tesla Model S vs M5

During Automobile Magazine’s 2013 Automobile of the Year testing Ezra Dyer lines up the Tesla Model S against the BMW M5 in a drag race. While the M5 may have a decently wide power band, 443 lb-ft of torque on the Model S from 0-5100 RPM may be just enough to oust the mighty V8.

Toyota gets Tesla stake, Tesla gets Toyota factory

Toyota Motor Corp. said it would take a $50 million stake in U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Motors, a move that gives the Japanese automaker a chance to repair its dented public image and vaults the California start-up on to the the world stage

Tesla Roadsters At The Drag Strip

Tesla Motors Turns a Profit

In October 2008 as the credit crisis reached a critical point, Tesla Motors closed several of its offices, laid off employees and replaced its CEO in a bid to reduce costs. This was not a unique case, especially in the automotive world. Two of the big three American automakers were given billions in bailout money in a bid to keep them afloat. General Motors killed off its Pontiac brand and Ford, while hit hard by the recession was able to survive without any Federal bailout money. General Motors would later file for bankruptcy protection.

By July 2009, Tesla motors has reduced the cost of materials to build a single roadster down to $80,000 (from $145,000 just two years ago). They have delivered 609 Roadsters since production began in March 2008 but that is still shy of its 1200 deliveries per year target. With over $20 Million in revenue in July the company turned a profit of $1M, its first ever profit since the company was founded in 2002.

“We achieved bottom-line profitability thanks to a tremendous amount of hard work by the Tesla team to improve quality, while simultaneously reducing costs on the Roadster,” company CEO Elon Musk said in a statement. “This also shows there is a strong demand for the car… Moreover, customers know that in buying the Roadster they are helping fund development of our mass-market electric cars.”

However, as the company prepares to launch its Model S Sedan it is not clear if and when they will turn a profit again. What is clear however is that there is a market for electric automobiles. The US Government knows this, and thats why it has lent Tesla Motors $465M to build the Model S Sedan and the battery packs needed for that to happen.

Would you buy a Tesla Roadster or Model S if you could?