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Suzuki Shamed Amidst Fuel Scandal


Suzuki Motor Company, often associated with compact fuel efficient cars is now knee deep in the fall out from admitting to publishing false fuel economy data on some of their cars. And as with the many other companies before them this last year, the executive team is going in for a shuffle. The decisions for not promoting Osamu Suzuki to CEO and a demotion of Osamu Honda will be announced at an upcoming company stakeholder meeting.

Part of the problem is that companies are allowed to submit results from their own testing to Japan’s transport ministry. Manipulations in the testing process which don’t align up to regulators testing happens, and the data is still accepted. Due to these discrepancies, Japan’s transport ministry is now cracking down on test data submitted by automakers to ensure they fully comply to regulations and standards.

Suzuki Fuel Economy Scandal


The number of automakers who are revealing, or really just getting caught, cheating on emissions or fuel economy continues to build and this time it’s Suzuki who’s in the limelight. Suzuki has admitted that their emission testing standards deviated from the ones set by Japanese regulators which resulted in incorrect reporting of fuel economy.

Suzuki claims that due to the weather conditions in and around their testing grounds in Sagara, Japan, it was difficult for them to get reliable test data. Therefore, they took alternative testing measures by testing individual components like tires, brakes and transmission in a controlled environment and reported on the cumulative data. This is against government regulation standards.

Suzuki CEO Osamu Suzuki apologized for results of the investigation, stating that their actions were not deliberate to cheat or manipulate data.

2015 Suzuki Vitara Debuts at Paris Motor Show


In the mid 90’s, the Grand Vitara was a fairly popular vehicle in Canada. It was also sold as the Geo Tracker and later as the Chevrolet Tracker, and also as the Asuna Sunrunner. The Grand Vitara was popular because it was essentially a mini SUV, a market that is exploding in popularity lately. Suzuki was building small crossovers way before it was cool to do so. Now, they are in Paris debuting the all-new 2015 Vitara and though it loses the “Grand” in the name, is actually bigger than the Grand Vitara that we knew from the 90’s and this is because Suzuki has still been producing the Grand Vitara outside of our markets. The new Vitara is of course smaller than the current (and recently discontinued) Grand Vitara.

The 2015 Vitara is available in over a dozen bright paint colors and can be ordered with a white or black roof offering a plethora of customization options. The exterior color can be brought into the interior via a body-colored aluminum trim. We don’t have a picture as we weren’t able to gain access to the vehicles when we were checking out the Vitara. One feature not typically found in smaller crossovers outside of North America is standard all-wheel drive. In normal operation mode the ALLGRIP all-wheel-drive system sends power to the front wheels and will automatically shift power to the rear wheels if there is any slippage.

Barring a new production partnership, unfortunately we will not be seeing the new Vitara in North America as they stopped their North American operations a couple years ago.

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Automotive Superbowl Commercials 2012

If you missed any of this year’s Superbowl commercials, we’ve compiled a list of them here. These include the ones that aired prior to the game, as well as the major spots that aired during the game. Enjoy!

A whole bunch more after the jump…

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Report: New Car Smell Not As Toxic Today

We all love the smell when we take delivery of a brand new car but a report last year by a US environmental group suggested that the “new car smell” was actually due to toxic chemicals. Cars that caused the most concern included the Nissan Versa, Chevrolet Aveo, and the Kia Rio. While the report did not specifically mention a direct health risk, it noted that some toxic chemicals were found to be at five or sometimes even tens time the level than would be found in an average home.

Now, a new report from the same group seems to indicate that car manufacturers have changed their manufacturing processes to reduce the toxicity of the new car smell.

The car with the best marks was the Acura RDX SH sport-utility vehicle. Three Smart cars made the list of 10 best picks, as did two Chevy models and two Toyotas. Also among the lauded models were the Chevy HHR SUV, as well as the BMW M5 and Honda Accord EXL sedans.

Among the worst vehicles, according to the rankings, were the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider convertible and Suzuki Reno hatchback, as well as the BMW 120i and Volkswagen Beetle convertibles.

So, the next time you get into a brand new car and breathe in that oh-so-fresh new car smell you can relax and not worry that you are being slowly poisoned by your new purchase. The bad news? As soon as you pull off that lot, you’ll ask yourself if that new car smell was worth eating all that depreciation.