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Hennessey HPE1000 Camaro


It seems like the reach of John Hennessey and his masterful mind for power mods is never ending. Just when we hear about his 1000 plus horsepower Hellcats, he follows up with an equally ridiculous 1000 hp Camaro. In base form the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS packs a solid 455hp. But pair that with Hennessey’s HPE1000 package, the force induced Camaro skyrockets to the 1000hp mark.

Camaro owners who have a stack of cash burning in their pocket can hand over their car to Hennessey accompanied by a briefcase full of green to the tune of $65,000USD and in return their car will come back with a motor stroked to 6.8L, forged pistons, billet connecting rods, fully ported and race prepped heads, a supercharger, and a custom tune. According to Hennessey, the stock transmission, either auto or manual, is fully capable in handling the extra power.

Customers can start ordering the kit now and go on the hunt for some cats.

Optima T Hybrid (Diesel+Electric). 2014 Paris Motor show


Kia has revealed a mini locomotive. The Optima T Hybrid is a technology demonstration of what can be done. It has a diesel-electric hybrid drive train. Something that doesn’t really exist in the market. On top of that, it is boosted by an electric supercharger. It has a short electric only range and diesel power comes from a 1.7 litre engine.

I truly enjoy looking at these concepts that push the boundaries of what is traditional.

Kia presented the car to us with a see through hood showing the multiple systems that go together to create this demonstration.

It will be interesting to see if Kia moves forward into production with this conceptual drivetrain and if it will reach North American shores.

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Honda Boosts Performance of CR-Z With HPD Supercharger


It may be too little, too late but Honda has announced that the Honda Performance Development (HPD) supercharger kit for the CR-Z is now available. Strapping on the supercharger will boost the power output to 196 horsepower, a significant jump from 130 horsepower. Had the CR-Z launched with a supercharger from the factory, I’d bet there would be a lot more on the road today. The kit also comes with an air-to-air intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors and an updated ECU program. Cost of the kit in the US will be $5,495 (no word on Canadian pricing) and the best part is that CR-Z owners maintain their factory warranty if it is installed by a Honda dealer.

“The CR-Z was the first hybrid to prove that efficiency doesn’t have to come at the cost of sportiness and fun,” said Art St. Cyr, president of Honda Performance Development. “With HPD street performance accessories, including the new supercharger kit, the CR-Z will surprise everyone again with even higher levels of performance directly inspired by our on-track racing efforts.”

The HPD supercharger kit is available exclusively for CR-Z manual transmission models and HPD has developed an optional limited slip differential and HPD sport clutch for those customers looking for an even higher level of performance.

The Track Rat: ESS Supercharged BMW M3


Magazine featured project cars always look amazing on paper. Flipping through the pages of your favorite tuner magazine you’ll find an assortment of project cars that have the best parts and the best specs yet, when it comes down to it, they’re garage queens. Sure they might look like they are ready for a weekend of club racing but, most of the time, they’re destined for a life of car shows, meets, and magazine shoots. I’m not saying all project cars end up this way, but a large proportion of them do.

There’s a perfectly good reason why this is the case. Most of these projects aim to impress a reader, not a driver. Decked out with the most expensive pieces available on the market, there’s rarely a thought given to how they benefit the car. Readers drool over the Blitz intercooler without considering that the car is running 4 psi. Or maybe Zeal coilovers which have gone untuned, negatively affecting the handling compared to stock.

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C63 owner spends $100k on mods, stores car for 100 years

We’ve seen many stories of classic cars stored in barns being accidently discovered. There are even reality shows featuring such stories. Rarely do we see how it ended up neglected in a barn for decades, until now.

Over at mbworld, member jspAMG dropped off his new C63 AMG to ACG in San Diego with an unlimited budget. 9 months later, one of the most ambitious and detailed C63 builds were complete. The car was fitted with every modification possible on the car. Custom widebody, supercharger, LSD, carbon fiber interior and exterior, KW coilover with lift kit… the list is absolutely endless.

What’s next for this car? It’s not getting driven (the owner has yet to drive it) anywhere, it’s being trucked to a storage company where the fluids are getting drained, leather treated, and the whole car will be sealed in a vacuum sealed bag, after which, the car will be stored in an undisclosed barn for someone to find in the future. Let’s hope I’m still around to see when that day rolls around in a few decades.

Check out the ACG build gallery after the jump.

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