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The Girls of SEMA 2014 – Part 2


Part 2 of our booth girls coverage. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 if you missed it. Enjoy the gallery!

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What Goes On Outside The SEMA 2014 Show – Part 2


If you missed Part 1 of our Outside of SEMA 2014 post go check it out as there are loads of pictures in that gallery. We shot so many that in order not to blow up your internet connection, we split it up into a couple posts. In Part 2 we’ve got more SEMA models, more bikes, more trucks, and some police car drifting action!

Check out the gallery after the post, enjoy!

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What Goes On Outside The SEMA 2014 Show – Part 1


I joke every year that the cars and models outside of the main SEMA Show are just as jaw dropping as the cars at most car shows. There is just an amazing amount of nicely done up cars and it really is hard as a tuner to stand out whether you’re booth is inside or outside of SEMA. Instead of just covering the cars inside the main halls we made sure to shoot the cars outside as well and as you can tell there are plenty of great builds. There was a great variety of cars outside including classic trucks, not-so-classic trucks, cars with over fenders, full blown race cars, and cars drifting with show attendees.

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The Girls of SEMA 2014 – Part 1


The booth professionals and models at SEMA are always great people compared to other automotive shows. They’re friendly, engaging, and always happy to pose in front of the camera. So much so that we had to break our booth babes coverage into two separate galleries this year. Our unanimous favorite model this year is Rebecca Garcia, 2014 Maxim Hometown Hotties Winner according to her Instagram profile (@becsgarcia if you’re wondering). Kudos to Scion for hiring her for their SEMA 2014 booth. Enjoy!

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