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Subaru Debuts Fifth Generation Impreza in New York


There has been a lot of anticipation for the debut of the latest iteration of the Impreza by Subaru largely due to the new chassis platform which will underpin the fifth generation Impreza, as well a large number of other vehicles coming up in the Subaru lineup. Today, Subaru used the floor at the 2016 New York Auto Show to let the public see their all new Impresa sedan and five door hatchback.

The 2017 Impreza carries over many of the design elements that were found on the concept cars which debuted last year. The main design theme with the new Impreza are sharp and angular body lines to exude a performance forward vision. The grille takes a hexagonal shape and uses a sporty hexagonal mesh. The lights wrap around the front and flow backwards into the fender line creating the concept of speed and motion. The bumper uses large vents on both sides and anchored in the middle with a low slung bumper grille. Follow the body lines along the side and you will notice how the body flares out for a more aggressive look. This wider body is not just for looks, this is a function of the new modular architecture that underpins the Impreza which gives the car a lower and wider overall stance compared to its predecessor.

The new chassis is being debuted by Subaru in the Impreza body, but they will be using this platform in future cars such as the Outback, the Forester, and every Impreza off-shoot including the hot-rodded WRX STI and the rugged Crosstrek. The new platform should provide a lighter and more dynamic chassis to build upon which will greatly enhance the overall driving experience for Subaru.

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Kia Targets BMW with New Sporty Sedan


Word is leaking out from inside Kia that they will be producing a sporty sedan to take on the likes of BMW and Audi. Kia new contender is designed and priced as an entry level sport sedan. The plans will be to produce an affordable small RWD four door sedan to take on the more luxury brands offerings. To make Kia even more competitive, pricing is said to be around the $30,000 CAD range which would steal a huge market share at that price point.

No official information has been released about the sedan except for potentially being called the CK. We think the powerplant choices will be small displacement anywhere from a 2.0L to a 3.0L engine as well as forced induction for more power and more efficiency.

It is rumored that a production timeline is set somewhere around May of 2017. This means that a close to production concept vehicle may make its way onto the show circuit soon. Here’s to hoping!

A4 TDI Not Planned for US


Audi takes another step back with their TDI A4 and has decided not to put the diesel engine inside their sedan. According to Scott Keogh, president of Audi America, the decision to not put a diesel in their A4 sedan is due to ow demand for this configuration and not because of the current scandal surrounding their parent company Volkswagen.

However, logic tells me that those two goes hand in hand. The diesel industry as a whole has been flipped upside down, and spit out sideways since Volkswagen and Dieselgate took place. Consumers by and large have lost confidence in the concept of clean diesel. Even Volkswagen is now putting more time and development into their EV products.

As the trend is showing us, EV technology will continue to grow in the future. Initially, development plans for EV was already on a steady climb, but now with dieselgate in full swing, we’ll likely see a huge spike in automakers releasing electric vehicle options in their lineup in the very near future.

Audi RS3 May be US Bound


Exciting new broke that Audi’s all new RS3 Sedan may be US bound. When this happens, the RS3 will accompany it’s big brother the RS7 in the Audi R lineup to hit North American shores. RS cars from Audi are almost like unicorns to the North American market. They are extremely capable vehicles, but just never made it to our shores.

The new RS3 will very likely be powered by a 2.5L turbocharged five cylinder engine that will be matched to a seven speed S-Tronic transmission sending power to all four wheels. The powerplant will pack a solid punch at over 400hp.

Pricing for the RS3 will be in the range of $60,000USD. Options will include RS3 specific racing bucket seats. Here’s to hoping that we will see the RS3 hit our shores sometime in 2017.

2017 Ford Fusion Gets 2.7L EcoBoost


Ford did not have much to unveil in terms of new vehicles at this year’s NAIAS, but an updated Ford Fusion was one of the vehicles. New for the 2017 Ford Fusion is a new Fusion V6 Sport trim that includes a twin turbo 2.7L EcoBoost V6 that provides 325 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new Fusion has all the fancy parking technology from its predecessor, the hands-free parallel and perpendicular parking capability. It is also the first vehicle available with Ford’s pedestrian detection system. One new feature is the new rotary gear shift dial to help reclaim some interior space.

Subtle changes adorn the exterior, with a new black mesh grille and updated LED DRLs in the headlights. The 2017 Ford Fusion will be available this summer, but for those interested in the V6 Sport trim, you’ll have to wait a few weeks longer.

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Volvo Sets Sights on Luxury Sedan Market with the New S90


Volvo’s S90 is a new entry in their lineup and will take direct aim at the premium large sedan market putting the BMW 5 series and Mercedes-Benz E class right in its crosshairs.

The released images from Volvo looks promising with the flagship sedan shown to be loaded with high-end luxury equipment. The S90 will be equipped with Volvo’s City Safety collision avoidance system which has been upgraded and offers large animal detection – a first of its kind on the market. When the system detects the presence of a large animal it immediately initiates brake support to avoid a crash.

Volvo’s new luxury sedan will also feature a semi-autonomous driving technology that keeps the car driving within its lanes by providing steering assistance at speeds up to 130 kph even if there is no car in front.

Along with the standard gas drivetrain, customers who are looking for the extra mileage can opt for the plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

In a statement released by Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, “With $11 billion of investment over the past five years we have not only reimagined what Volvo Cars can be — we are now delivering on our promise of a resurgent and relevant Volvo Cars brand.”

Mercedes-Benz Unveils the Almost AMG C450 AMG Sport

Mercedes-Benz is ready to battle Audi’s S-Line and BMW’s M Performance line by introducing the new AMG Sport line of Mercedes-Benz cars. Not fully an AMG, the new AMG Sport line bridges the gap between Mercedes-Benz and the hardcore Mercedes-AMG cars by adding some AMG technology to an otherwise mainstream Mercedes-Benz model. The second vehicle in this new line (the GLE450 AMG Sport being the first), the C450 AMG Sport improves upon the C400 by borrowing some of the suspension pieces from the C63, as well as AMG body pieces, transmission modes, and a bump in power thanks to more turbo boost in the engine management system.

By pumping up the turbo boost pressure from the C400, the C450 AMG Sport now delivers 367hp from the same engine, while delivering the same fuel efficiency. The 4Matic AWD system stays onboard (it’s not available in the C63), allowing the car to rocket to 60mph in only 4.7 seconds. Lifted from the C63, the 3 stage dampening adjustments coupled with the front axel and steering knuckles allow the C450 to feel a little more like its AMG bigger brother in the corners, while delivering better body roll control than the pedestrian C400. The addition of a Sport+ driving program allows the C450 to feel a little more sportier to the driver behind the wheel.

The C450 AMG Sport hits showrooms this fall, with orders beginning in the summer. Check out our full gallery below for a closer look.

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Mercedes-Benz Adds a Plug in Hybrid to the New C-Class

Mercedes-Benz may proclaim this year as the year of the SUV, but seeing all the unveils so far at the Detroit North American International Auto Show, it’s more like the year of the EV/PHV/PHEV. Many manufactures are chasing fuel economy, and even in the Mercedes-Benz press conference, they are targeting 10 new Plug-in Hybrids in their lineup within the next 2 years. Starting things off, the C350 Plug-in Hybrid is the first of the 10 out of Stuttgart.

Available in both sedan and wagon form (wagon is a European market exclusive), the C350 PHV puts out a total of 279hp, with the ability to drive in all electric mode for up to 30kms, while delivering only 2.1L/100km of fuel consumption. With more weight comes a necessity for better suspension control, which is why the C350 comes standard with AIRMATIC air suspension to offer drivers a more comfortable ride and sharper handling. Charging from a 220V outlet at home, the C350 PHV obtains a full charge in under 2 hours, replenishing the batteries for another 30kms of range.

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The All New 2016 Lexus GS F Sedan

Lexus rolled out the latest in their line of F performance vehicles to the public today here in Detroit. The all new Lexus GS F, shown here on the NAIAS show floor, is the all new performance variant of the GS sedan. Sharing the same platform as the GS 350 F Sport, the GS F gets a 5.0L V8 churning out 467hp at a dizzying 7100rpm, with gobs of torque (389 lb-ft to be exact) peaking between 4800 to 5600rpm.

Coupled with the 8 speed automatic transmission with manual shifts, the GS F puts its power to the rear wheels via a Lexus Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD). Offering 3 modes, the TVD allows the GS F to perform at its optimum in all driving situations. The standard mode, ideal for the street, balances the GS F demeanor with comfort as well as sportiness. Slalom mode improves on steering response and cornering agility, while the hardcore track mode requires quick driver reflexes to get the most out of the car on the track.

Check out our gallery of the GS F as part of our extended Detroit Auto Show coverage.

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2016 Cadillac CTS-V in the Flesh

This is it, the all-new 2016 Cadillac CTS-V in the flesh. The CTS-V has taken a healthy chunk of sales away from its rivals, namely the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. This year, the new CTS-V is raising the ante on its competition, blowing them away with an incredible 640hp. Who says the horsepower wars are dead?

Unveiled last month shortly before Christmas, Cadillac decided to bring a nuclear missile to a gunfight in the performance luxury sedan segment. Shoehorning the Corvette Z06’s 6.2L Supercharged V8, the motor pumps 640hp and 630 lb-ft of torque to the paddle shifting 8 speed automatic transmission, making the CTS-V the only car in the 600hp club in its class. Driving the rear wheels, this drivetrain configuration runs 0-60mph in only 3.7 seconds.

The chassis has received a host of upgrades to ensure that handling dynamics match the impressive drivetrain. Cadillac engineers managed to squeeze an additional 25% of stiffness out of the chassis by adding bracing everywhere they can, improving both handling as well as ride. The 3rd generation Magnetic Ride Control suspension setup delivers 40% faster dampening responses. Topping it all off, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires come standard, ensuring very high levels of grip while shod in a street tire. On the inside, optional RECARO seats keeps you planted in high G maneuvers at the track, and a full Performance Data Recorder records telemetry while you try your best Tony Stewart impersonation at the track.

The 2016 CTS-V is set to arrive in showrooms this summer. Check out our gallery for some up close action of the new beast.

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