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Aston Martin and Red Bull Partnership Hypercar

red bull aston martin

Aston Martin is well known as an automaker who produces some of the most luxurious and beautiful performance GT cars on the market. But when you combine the creative minds at Aston Martin with those over at Formula One Red Bull Racing, true magic happens. According to Adrian Newey, Chieft Technical Officer at Red Bull Formula One, “The synergy between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin is clear. I knew Red Bull Racing had the ability to handle the pure performance aspects, but Aston Martin’s experience of making beautiful, fast, and comfortable GT cars is of great benefit to the project.”

The project that Newey is speaking of is a brand new hypercar that is being jointly produced by the two companies. Named the AM-RB 001, major details of the hypercar is kept hush hush for the time being, but not so quiet will be it’s naturally aspirated V12 engine mounted mid ship. The partnership hypercar will be in a two-seater configuration, built from lightweight carbon fiber, and will debut some time in 2018.

Ecclestone Against Aeroscreen

red bull aeroscreen

The FIA has not yet made a decision on which cockpit device to incorporate into it’s 2017 rules. The purpose of the cockpit device is to help protect the driver’s head in the case of flying debris or an accident. So far two designs have been the front runners, Red Bull’s Aeroscreen, and Ferrari’s Halo.

According to Bernie Ecclestone he has stated that he does not like Red Bull’s Aeroscreen design, but he doesn’t have the final say. The FIA will make a decision on which design is used moving forward by July 1. Ecclestone has made lots of remarks about the desire of FIA wanting to improve cockpit safety. Specifically, he’s said “I don’t like any of them, the sport should do nothing with regard to cockpit protection.”

Climbing Snowy Hills with a Ferrari F40

f40 snow

When you think about camping vehicles, you think about minivans, SUVs, trucks, or for those who want to splurge an RV. These are the typical modes of transportation that frequent campsite with family in tow. When it comes to Red Bull, they don’t like to go typical. Instead, they go for what every car nut had on their bedroom wall in the 90’s, the Ferrari F40.

That’s right! A friggin Ferrari F40 to go camping. Red Bull took their F40 to Japan who put the car to its paces on some not so foreign soil, or snow in this case. They drive up to a ski resort, slap on some snow chains paired up to some studded tires, and go balls out climbing the ski slopes. Building speed up the slopes definitely wasn’t much of an issue when you have a 2.9L V8 twin turbo motor pumping out 478hp right behind your head.

So next time you look at your sports coupe and think to yourself it probably won’t be a good travelling car, slap yourself in the face and remember the image of this F40 climbing snow hills with luggage strapped to its roof, then winds down at a camp site to a warm glowing fire.

Redbull’s Canopy Concept Revealed


We have seen design images as well as a production version make its way onto a F1 car for recent testing. Ferrari’s halo concept is nothing near what I would describe as visually appealing but it does offer some added safety for additional driver head protection. Red Bull has put their design in the hat for FIA to review as well.

What Red Bell proposes is still an open cockpit design, but the halo is replaced with something that’s more of an acrylic canopy resembling a larger windscreen. Visually, this design lends much better to the lines of an F1 car while still adding the improved head protection the design was meant for. Drivers have complained about visibility with the Ferrari halo design, but Red Bull’s design seems to offer much better visibility based on design images.

Ultimately, the FIA will have to decide which design to go with and adopt the designs into manufacture requirements. So far, Ferrari’s design has received the most traction.

Formula 1: Vettel Takes Bahrain Again

The 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix is the 2nd back to back race of the year. An interesting race, which was cancelled due to anti-government protests in 2011, the race has been won 3 times by Fernando Alonso, once by Sebatian Vettel, and once by Jenson Button. The track temps are always hot, being in the desert, and there is no chance for rain, and a very low chance for a safety car. Being in the desert, the track is dusty, and conditions improve significantly as the race progresses.

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Formula 1: Fernando Alonso and Ferrari Dominates in China

The drama in China unfolded on Saturday during qualifying, where Lewis Hamilton ran a perfect lap to grab pole from Kimi Raikkonen. Jenson Button, Sebatian Vettel, and Nico Hulkenberg both did not set a lap, which allowed them to start the race on the Medium tires, while the top cars were forced to start on the Soft tires that they qualified on. As the race progressed, this turns out to be a key strategic decision that helped the Red Bull, Sauber, and McLaren drivers through the race.

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Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel Back on Top at the Malaysian Grand Prix

A stunning race unfolded today at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, as mixed conditions gave the drivers a chance to show why they’re the best in the world. The race started out in wet conditions, with all drivers on intermediate tires. At the start, Alonso clipped Vettel’s rear wheels and breaks his front wing. In a lapse of judgment, he decides against entering the pits at the end of the lap to replace the wing, and on the front straight, the aerodynamic load breaks the front wing and forces the Ferrari driver to retire. Kimi Raikkonen, the winner of the Australian Grand Prix last week, was forced to start 10th due to a blocking penalty in qualifying, drops down to 12th place by lap 5 as he goes off struggling with his car’s balance.

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Formula 1: Kimi Raikkonen wins the Australian Grand Prix

In a stunning first race of the season, Kimi Raikkonen and Lotus F1 team takes the win at the 2013 Formula 1 season opener in Albert Park, Melbourne. While qualifying only 6th, and running a fairly short 10 lap first stint on the super soft tires, Raikkonen was able to extend his medium tires to 25 laps a stint, making the 2 stop strategy work in his favor.

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F1 Finale: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix (spoilers)

The last race of the 2012 Formula 1 season promises to be a nail biter. With the promise of rain, there are multiple stories to make this one of the most intense races of the 2012 season. The top battle is for the driver’s championship between Alonso and Vettel. Next, we have the Ferrari vs McLaren battle for 2nd place in the Constructors championship. Finally, Hamilton’s delivered a stunning pole lap in his last race with McLaren in hopes of giving the team that gave him a chance in F1 the perfect parting gift of a win.

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Red Bull RB6 at Hyatt Infiniti

Red Bull’s RB6 was a dominate force in the 2010 Formula 1 season, wrapping up both the Constructors title for Red Bull as well as the driver’s title for Sebatian Vettel. Vettel’s first chassis, nicknamed “Luscious Liz”, is making its rounds at Infiniti dealers around Canada, and has arrived in Calgary this week.

Checking the car up close, it looks to be an early season car, closely resembling Bahrain spec with the shark fin engine cover. Looking in the cockpit, there were no signs of the hand operated F-Duct from later on in the season. Tires were the current Pirellis (most likely demo tires), and not the proper Bridgestone from the 2010 season. The livery has been updated to 2012 spec to please current sponsors.

The car is on display in at Hyatt Infiniti’s showroom until August 10th. If you’re an Infiniti customer, you should have received your invite for the Red Bull Formula 1 VIP Gust Night on Friday. Make sure you stop by and check it out before it’s gone!

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