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Infiniti Recalls 60,000 Q50 for Steering Issue


Infiniti is issuing a recall on their Q50 sedan which is identified as an issue with the steering. Speciically, the car’s adaptive steering system contains a software glitch which impacts the drive by wire system resulting in a lack of steering response which may lead to an accident.

The Q50’s impacted are worldwide and impacts approximately 60,000 vehicles. Infiniti will be notifying it’s customers by early July on the issue. We recommend that customers who own these vehicles to contact their local dealership immediately for further information

Infiniti New G Sedan, Now Called Q50

Now that we’ve had time to wrap ours heads around Infiniti’s new naming scheme it’s time to take a look at the cars that will bear it. The Q50 is the replacement of the G37 sedan and Infiniti Canada was kind enough to leak photos of it ahead of the show here in Detroit, so you’ve probably already seen the new exterior. It’s not a significant break from the G37, they just pinched the grill and creased the hood. It’s still got a bulbous front that I never really thought fit in with the luxury sports sedan segment. That said, it’s still a welcome improvement in my opinion.

Update: Infinity Q50 MSRP: $36,450USD on launch, no details on Canadian MSRP.

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