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Could This be a Porsche 928 Revival?

porsche 928 spy-photo

With the recent revival of the old 718 moniker from Porsche, it’s stirred up a lot of rumors that Porsche might bring back the 928 name in a modern day vehicle. The rumor mill even went so far to speculate that a new 928 could potentially be based on a shorter bodied Panamera. So when photos of a shortened Panamera was actually spied, it really got the whispers turned up a notch.

Although the spy photos show a four door body styling, Porsche concept vehicles have been known to be extremely deceptive to hide the true identity of the test vehicle. The probability that this is a 928 test car is unknown. It might even be just a short Panamera, which at one time was rumored to be the Pajun. Again, there’s no official word either way. What we do know is Porsche has something up their sleeves and we can’t wait to hear what it is.

Porsche 911 Turbo Signature Series


Aircooled Porsche 911’s have skyrocketed in price over the past few years. What was once a $40-$50,000 car only a few years ago is now commanding close to a six figure price tag. Its not that there’s not one to be found, its just the demand for good old analog Porsches is where people’s hearts are at right now.

What you see here is one of the last 50 U.S spec Turbo cars. The car is optioned out with a limited slip differential, electric mirrors, black headliner, and a sunroof. As it stands, this 911 is in a condition better than when it left the factory back in 1979. Really in concourse condition, this particular 911’s restoration had left no stones unturned. With a certificate of authenticity stating it’s rare production number, this 911 is going to command a hefty price.

If you have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to drop by the Russo and Steele Newport Beach Auction coming up on June 10 and raise up your little bidding paddle.

Spied 911 GTS Targa


A 911 GTS Targa was spotted racing around the Nurburgring doing some testing and it’s probably the most revealing picture yet of what Porsche has in store. Expect to see a 3.0L turbo motor under the hood pumping out just north of 430hp and 324 lb/ft of torque. That should equate to a 100km/h sprint in just 4.3 seconds. Porsche will be using their light weight center locking wheels typically found on their GT cars.

The all black GTS Targa looks especially menacing but it maintains a nice harmony the touring like characteristics of the Targa infused into the performance oriented body work. The performance orientation continues through in the suspension department including the use of Porsche’s Sport Chrono package and their active suspension management system.

Chevy’s 10 Speed Auto Faster than Porsche’s PDK

camaro zl1

That’s quite the statement from Chevy when the claim is put up again one of, if not the best automatic transmissions out there on the market. Porsche’s PDK transmission is known for its fast and precise shifting, and even more importantly, capable of handling the immense amounts of power the automaker can throw at it.

Now comes the new entrant, a ten speed automatic transmission from Chevy which is found in the all new Camaro ZL1. Chevy states that their transmission is indeed faster and more precise than Porsche’s PDK. In fact, each gear shift between first through fourth is at least 25% faster than the PDK transmission. Chevy is able to pull this off with it’s intricately, and technologically advanced, clutch mechanisms inside their new transmission. The new transmission packs in six clutches which makes it behave like a dual clutch transmission, but there’s ultimately still a torque converter inside the whole setup.

According to Chevy, this combination allows their all new ten speed transmission to perform like a dual clutch transmission, but offer the refinement of a traditional automatic transmission.

Porsche Shares V8 Across VW Family


Porsche took to the 2016 International Vienna Motor Symposium to debut an all new twin turbo V8 powerplant. Rumor has it that this motor will make its first production debut under the hood of the Panamera. The engine will likely see play time in Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis in the future as well.

Porsche’s new engine will utilize new technology such as cylinder deactivation to help drive up fuel efficiency and should yield 30% less consumption than the outgoing motor. The V8 will still generate 549 hp and 567 lb/ft of torque. Sharing engines across various companies will help manage production costs and allow scalability for each manufacturer to more efficiently bring new vehicles to the market.

Porsche Panamara Shooting Brake set for North America


Shooting brakes, or wagons as we know it in North America, isn’t a big market that the automakers have tapped into as the demand by customers is really calling for more SUVs. This makes Porsche’s announcement that they will be brining the Panamara Shooting Brake to North America that much more interesting.

According to Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars of North America, he says that “We have to have some patience for the wagon to arrive in the U.S. But we are confident that this car will be well received here, despite the fact that this country doesn’t really like hatchbacks or wagons.” Zellmer goes on to hint that the Panamara Shooting Brake may find its way to dealership as early as 2018.

Porsche 924 GTP Restored

porsche 924 gtp

This year is the 40th birthday of Porsche’s 924. This particular model of Porsche is like that uncle’s brother’s son that nobody sees but keeps hearing about him. What I mean is, the 924 is that one model that’s often unappreciated for the history that it created. It spawned the 944s and the 968s which both were amazing touring and track day cars.

Porsche Great Britain is commemorating the 924s’ birthday by restoring a 924 GTP race car. With a full racing pedigree, this particular 924 has been in storage at the Porsche museum since the 80’s. of the vehicle’s legacy by bringing a 1980 Porsche 924 GTP racecar back to its former glory. The original 2.0 turbo engine race prepped to pump out 315hp and 282lb/ft of torque is still in the engine bay. More racing signs include the missing front bumper and scuffed up paint.

Porsche 718 Cayman Debuts in Beijing


The Porsche 718 Cayman S is making its debut at the Beijing Auto Show. Following well received reception by its sibling the 718 Boxster, the Cayman might be seeing a similar welcome. The newest version has a 2.5L turbo flat-four that pumps out 350hp and 309lb-ft of torque. The entry level Cayman will be using the smaller displacement 2.0L turbo flat four which pumps out 300hp and 280lb/ft of torque. Zero to 100km/h sprints will clock in around 4.5 seconds for the Cayman and 4.0 seconds flat for the Cayman S.

The 718 Cayman is getting a more aggressive cosmetic redesign, but underneath its skin there’s a host of new chassis redesigns that will make the new car a whole new driving dynamic. Pricing for the 718 Cayman will start around $54,950 USD and the Cayman S will start around $67,350USD.

Porsche 959 Cabriolet for Sale

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. What you see before you is indeed an extremely rare Porsche 959 with its roof chopped off. It is also a one of one model as nobody in their right mind would cut into such a rare piece of automotive history. But before the death threats come, the story of this 959 is not what you may think.

This 959 was once owned by Jurgen Lassig, a Porsche racing driver, back in 1987. On a spirted sprint on the Autobahn, this 959 ended up in an accident which damaged the side and the roof of the vehicle. Instead of making this one of the most expensive pieces of scrap metal, a company called Auto Becker purchased the damaged 959 and began to restore the vehicle back to fully running state.

During the course of the reconstruction, it was apparent that the roof was too damaged to salvage, so that was the turning point of this car’s story from being a hard top to a cabriolet. The top was cut off and has been kept in storage. The car was reinforced as any convertible vehicle would be to ensure the chassis maintains its rigidity. Further modifications took place up front to the windscreen which can be swapped out in favor for a shorter speedster style one.

What remains intact is the heart and drivetrain of the 959. For those interested in buying this one of one 959, the going rate for this vehicle is $1.3 million.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Ruined


I couldn’t go one minute into Instagram today and not see this Porsche all over my feed. It’s such a shame to see an amazing car such as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS go to waste in such a dreadful slow death.

Apparently, a mechanic who works at Porsche of Amsterdam is responsible for this carnage. The Gulf themed GT3 RS was dipped half way into the canal having most of the front end submerged under more than questionable waters. According to the dealership, this GT3 RS can still be saved.

The heart of the car, which sits at the back of the 911, was above water which was the saving grace of the accident. The damage sustained to the front of the car is all body or mechanical fixes. Water might have gotten into the fuel tank, but that can be drained. The interior probably soaked up some of that canal water, so scrub and a de-ozone treatment will definitely be in order.

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