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Indian Motorcycle Unveils New FTR 1200 Models Before Intermot Show

by Dustin Woods at

New platform and liquid-cooled engine debut in FTR1200 and FTR1200 S ahead of the upcoming Intermot Show. A flat track inspired street bike has never looked so good.

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25th Anniversary 2018 Ducati Monster 1200 Announced


Special Edition Ducati Limited to 500 Units. To commemorate, the Italian motorcycle brand unveils the 2018 Monster 1200 25° Anniversario.

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BMW Motorrad Presents The BMW Concept Roadster


When the e-mail from BMW first hit my inbox, I thought BMW was releasing some pictures of a new concept convertible but when I opened up the images I was surprised to see there was no convertible at all. The BMW Concept Roadster is in fact a motorcycle, a mighty fine looking motorcycle at that. It is powered by a 2-cylinder boxer engine mounted upon a light tubular space frame. It generates 125 horsepower at 7750 rpm and delivers a maximum 92 lb-ft of torque at 6500 rpm sans chain, instead utilizing a drive shaft to the rear wheel.

“The BMW Concept Roadster is exciting to look and at least as exciting to ride,” says Ola Stenegard, Head of Vehicle Design BMW Motorrad, of the BMW Concept Roadster.

I definitely agree with Ola Stenegard. From the carbon fiber parts to the titanium single center exhaust and milled aluminum rear end the BMW Concept Roadster is certainly a looker. Powered by LED lighting behind a matted diffuser, the headlamp looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It probably doesn’t work very well in the real world but not to worry, it likely won’t ever hit the road and if it does would likely get a standard set of LED projectors.

Lot more images in the gallery including many pictures from the design process, check it out.

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The Bikes of SEMA 2013

SEMA is known for outrageous project cars but there’s a lot more going on than just crazy cars and no, I don’t mean all the hvac manufacturers, CNC machine operators, and LED light suppliers hiding out in the upper level of the south hall. I’m talking about bikes. We most certainly did not capture every bike at the show as there were simply too many to shoot but nevertheless, enjoy the gallery!

See: Photo Gallery of The Bikes of SEMA 2013

2013 Calgary Motorcycle Show Pictures

The Calgary Motorcycle was at the BMO Centre this weekend and we were there to take a look around at all the latest motorcycles from all the manufacturers. We tried to shoot everything but the crowds were pretty big while we were there so hopefully you made it down to the show to check things out for yourself.

Ducati was showing off the 1119 Panigale on a pedestal so unfortunately there was no sitting on it. The rest of their bikes were open for test sits and photo ops including the Diavel Strada and the hypermotard family. Yamaha was showing off the new FJR1300 and the 2013 V-Star 1300 Deluxe. Honda had a trio of their new 500 series, the CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X at their booth. There was a ton of buzz and an actual line-up of people waiting to sit on the new Gold Wing F6B as well. Husaberg had the all new FE 250, their first 250cc 4-stroke. There was a constant stream of people through the BMW booth (well, throughout the whole show really) checking out the R1200GS and the 2013 HP4.

Needless to say there was a lot of bikes on display and a decent sized crowd which as I mentioned made it hard to shoot good pics but here they are if you missed out this weekend!

Full Gallery after the break!

Now’s The Time to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle!

The motorcycling season is, unfortunately, nearly three-quarters finished here in Calgary.  As we get closed to the middle of September more and more people are going to be putting away their motorcycles and putting them up for sale.  Naturally, now’s the time to learn how to ride a motorcycle!

Chances are actually pretty decent that you may be able to get yourself into a motorcycle training class (such as TooCool or Calgary Safety Council).  Not only that, but motorcycles tend to cost a lot less at the end of the season as compared to the beginning of the season.  If you’re looking to finally make that leap from “cager” to “rider” now’s the time.

Things to Watch Out For in the Fall

I was exagerating slightly when I said that the middle of September is the end of the season.  In reality, the weather in Calgary is so unpredictable that it’s impossible to tell.  You may be lucky enough to get decent riding weather right into November!

If you’re learning to ride toward the end of the season, however, you’ll need to keep a keen eye out for:

  • People selling their motorcycles for less than fair market value – Last year I was able to buy a 2008 Suzuki SV650S, which sells for roughly $9,400 out the door, for substantially less than that.  I saved myself a ton of cash by waiting for the right time (the fall) and simply being patient during the winter.
  • Cold weather showing up quickly and without warning – This IS Calgary, after all.  Once that sun sets you can expect the temperature to drop quite a bit as the end of September draws near.  When you’re driving a car it’s not a big deal, but when you’re on a motorcycle you now have to worry about significant traction loss as well as freezing your buns off.
  • Rocks/gravel – Occassionally the snow will fall and clear out the next day.  Often, the city lays down gravel to keep people from sliding around.  You can imagine just how much fun gravel is when you’re on a motorcycle.

That being said, the early Fall is still a great time to learn to ride.  The weather is still decent, the scenery is beautiful, and with motorcycles being as inexpensive as they’re going to get you simply don’t have a whole lot to lose.  Obviously, being careful with how you ride and taking a new riders course both speak for themselves. If you’re interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, I recommend starting with a used bike. A great place to start is the used bike section in the marketplace here on

Have fun, and ride safe!

Motorcycle Helmets

One of my old supervisors used to shake his head and say “$5.00 head, $5.00 helmet!” He was referring to Harley riders who wore “beanie” helmets that didn’t do much more than hold the other ends of the chin straps. While I am not a motorcycle rider myself, I cannot see why some that do ride aren’t interested in using the most effective helmet they can buy, especially after investigating a career’s worth of motorcycle crashes.

According to PubMed, motorcycle helmet use reduces the incidence of severe head injuries by 50%, regardless of the speed limit. BC saw 72 injured and 15 killed in 2005 motorcycle crashes due to head injury. (The only contributing factor that ranked higher was “whole body.”) Maybe a better helmet might have reduced those numbers.

So, unless you are a Sikh who actively practices the religion, has unshorn hair and wears a turban composed of more than 5 or more metres of cloth, you must wear a motorcycle safety helmet when you operate a motorcycle on BC highways.

What is an approved motorcycle safety helmet? That’s a good question. The Designation of Motorcycle Helmets Regulation lists a collection of helmets that are considered to fit the requirement. Of course, it is not exhaustive as manufacturers are continually bringing out new models and it is not updated regularly. In fact, it appears that it hasn’t changed since 1987.

So, if you’re worried about safety, find a helmet that bears a recognized certification such as DOT or Snell. Spend more than the supervisor’s $5.00 because your head is worth it.

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