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Truck Buyers The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Is The Truck You Need


No, this truck probably isn’t the truck you want to buy but it really is the truck you need. Looks wise, its about as safe and conservative as you can get on a truck. Sure, its gone through a major redesign and looks nothing like the previous Ridgeline but it now looks like a generic truck–not a bad thing though. While it looks much more like a truck, the 2017 Ridgeline is still built on a unibody platform to help save weight. Many truck enthusiasts will argue this is why the Ridgeline is not a real truck but if you’re just taking this to the home depot or best buy this is all you really need.

A couple popular features from the last generation Ridgeline have also made it into the newer model, namely the dual-action tailgate and hidden compartment (In Bed Trunk) to store your beverages for tailgating. Speaking of tailgating, Honda demonstrated the impressive 540W 6-speaker sound system built into the bed of the truck. They cranked it up during the unveiling and let me tell you, it was LOUD! The in-bed sound system is standard on the range-topping black edition but is available as an option on the lower trims. As with all new Honda models, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is included.

The 2017 Ridgeline will be available with a 3.5L V6 (probably a retuned unit from the Pilot) in your choice of FWD or AWD with torque vectoring.

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Honda Shows Off New 2017 Ridgeline at SEMA 2015, Sorta


If you’ve been at any car show in the past couple years you’ll no doubt have heard Honda extolling the virtues of the Acura NSX. That’s because they haven’t really had anything exciting to announce and whenever they did unveil new vehicles like the MDX and TLX, I swear they spent more time talking about the NSX than the car they were about to pull the tarps off of. Here at SEMA, it’s no different. Honda wants you to know that even if you might not be in the market for an NSX, the NSX DNA lurks in all of their vehicles.

All kidding aside, Honda did preview their next-generation 2017 Ridgeline in the form of a race-prepped Baja off-road racing truck. We’ve only seen teaser preview renders up until now so this is the closest look we’ve had to the new Ridgeline. What we know so far is that it will share a platform with the recently released Pilot, and we will likely see it unveiled in Detroit in January, or possibly even as soon as LA in a couple weeks. The new Ridgeline is supposed to be available for order late next year.

Another cool gem in the Honda booth was the matte white HR-V towing a white Grom as well as the immaculate Acura Legend that was roped off along with the blue NSX. The Legend belongs to rapper turned actor Ludacris and was restored by Acura after it was damaged in an accident.

Check out the rest of the vehicles in our gallery.

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Honda reaffirms Ridgeline will stick around

The Detroit News reports that the Honda Ridgeline isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Sage Marie, manager of truck product planning at Honda, has said that the rumours of the vehicle’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, and he says that the Ridgeline serves a key role in the company’s product …

2012 Honda Ridgeline gets a little nip, tuck

Honda has already released a few details of what we can expect from its Ridgeline pickup truck for the 2012 model year, but a new series of spy shots from our friends at offers even more clues.

In addition to the already announced Ridgeline Sport (an oxymoron?), the rest of the …