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Concept Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport


Volkswagen continues to push the envelope with their compact car designs and introduces the concept Golf GTE Sport. Setup as a two seater, the angular and sporty coupe pushes the design elements of the Golf and pulls in design queues from the Scirocco.

Power is delivered by a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motors on the front and rear axle with an estimated total output of 395hp and 494 ft/lbs of torque. Volkswagen claims a 4 second sprint to 60 mph, a top speed of 174 mph, and the ability to deliver 118mpg when driven on the European test cycle.

Weight of the vehicle will be kept to a minimum with construction of the body panels being formed from carbon fiber. Combining light weight and packing ample power, Volkswagen aims to “blur the lines” between motorsports vehicles and road cars.

Enjoy our gallery from the LA Auto show after the jump.

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VW previews huge screens, gesture control with Golf R Touch Concept at CES

Volkswagen is showing off the future of infotainment and connected driving at CES 2015 with a fleet of concepts that highlight its latest technology. According to its displays, the coming years might mean gesture-based vehicle controls and electric cars that drive themselves to find their own ch…

Volkswagen Brings a Performance Wagon to People Who Can’t Buy It

Performance wagons are coming back in North America and, it took me awhile but, I’m fully on board. While cars like the E63S and CTS-V represent the higher-end market, they’re not for everyone. By that I mean they’re kind of expensive for people like me. Good news for us 20%ers though! Volkswagen is releasing a Golf R Wagon with the same 300hp and 4Motion as the hatch model. Combine that power with new launch control and the Golf R Sport Wagon will go from 0-60 in 5.1s while keeping fuel consumption down to 7L/100km.

Now, of course, it’s not coming to North America so it ends up being good news for absolutely nobody like me. It’s actually bad news. Like “Hey buddy, we’re making some ice cream specifically for you over here”
“Oh awesome, where are you?”
“Across a body of water so vast it’s difficult to comprehend”
“Oh, you can’t make it? Well here are some pictures of the ice cream”

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Volkswagen Brings Two Concepts to LA

The Golf R isn’t even out yet and Volkswagen is already teasing me with an even better version I can’t afford. At least this one is a concept so there’s no reason to get excited about it.

The Golf R400 is a 400hp version of the Golf R and was simply designed to highlight one of the many things the MQB platform can accomplish. Not much to talk about, so just take a look at it. Perhaps marvel that it shares the same platform as the new HyMotion Sport Wagon, Volkswagen’s first hydrogen powered vehicle.

While it’s still technically a concept, the HyMotion appears to be a complete package and is one of a handful of hydrogen in Los Angeles this year. They were short on details, but we’re excited to see where the HyMotion goes!

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Volkswagen Golf R Variant is the hotter longroof we’ve been dreaming of

A couple of months ago, we brought you spy shots of a Volkswagen Golf R that had been stretched into a proper wagon shape. And now, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen has officially taken the wraps off what it calls the Golf R Variant – a proper longroof version of the oh-so-potent…

Volkswagen Golf named Motor Trend Car of the Year

The all-new, seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf has captured Motor Trend’s prestigious Car of the Year award. The Golf, along with its many variants, which include the diesel-powered TDI, GTI hot hatch and electric E-Golf, beat out a slew of competitors which included corporate cousin Audi and…

2015 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack jacks up onto stage

Subaru has its Outbacks. Volvo the Cross Country models. Audi has Allroad. Volkswagen labels the wagons it ruggedizes for off-roading (or at least soft-roading) under the name Alltrack, and this is the latest.

Joining the Passat Alltrack and making its grand debut at the Paris Motor Show, the…

Volkswagen and Funny or Die take humourous spin in 2015 Golf

Volkswagen is partnering with Target and Funny or Die in a bizarre ad for the latest Golf starring comedian Rob Huebel, probably best known for his work on Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim.

The commercial is titled The Way Too Helpful Neighbor and stars Huebel as the eponymous neighbour. The…

VW Golf Mk8 could arrive by 2017

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf only went on sale in North America in August, but it has been on the road in some parts of the world since 2012. The German automotive giant isn’t taking a moment’s rest for one of its most well known models, though. The latest rumour suggests that VW is…

VW Golf and GTI earn Top Safety Pick+ ratings [w/video]

More good news for Volkswagen, as its new small hatchback, the seventh-generation Golf and its sporty brother, the GTI, have both been named to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety’s prestigious Top Safety Pick+ list.

Both cars scored “Good” ratings across the board, including on the…

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