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Tesla‘s 2 Year Lease Makes Model S Very Affordable


Tesla’s goal is to bring EV technology to the mass population. They furthered this mission by introducing a new two year lease program for the Model S and the Model X which makes both vehicles more affordable to broaden their customer base.

With the new lease plan in place, buyers can have the Model S for as low as $593 a month, while the Model X will start at $730 a month. But the old saying “no good thing comes for free” is the case here. Buyers are restricted to the base Model S 60 or Model X 60D and they are required to pay a down payment of $6000, pay a $695 acquisition fee, and also put down one month’s lease payment up front. So even though the monthly payments is more affordable, buyers will have to fork out over $7000 right off the bat.

Once you own the car, you will be limited to only driving 10,000 miles per year. However, you can purchase extended mileage for the vehicle in options of 12,000- or 15,000-miles. If you want to take advantage of the deal, you have until September 12 to do so.

Tesla Reports Crash in China

tesla china

Tesla has reported that their autopilot has once again been involved in an accident. Autopilot has come under fire recently due to the recent fatal accident that happened while a driver was not paying attention while utilizing the feature. The company has come out to say that their technology is still in it’s early stages and is not perfect. The company has warnings in the vehicle alerting drivers to pay attention while using the function.

According to data pulled from the vehicle, Tesla has confirmed that the driver’s hands were not on the steering wheel at the time of the accident. The investigations states that the driver of the vehicle did not steer to avoid a parked car and subsequently hit the side of the parked vehicle. According to Tesla, drivers should always have their hands on the steering wheel so that they can take over at any time. The owner of the vehicle has responded saying that Tesla sold him the vehicle under the pretense that the car was fully functional under self driving mode.

Tesla Model S Price Slash


Tesla’s Model S was never a cheap form of automobile to get into. The base start price of the Model S use to start at $76,500 largely because there weren’t that many options or choices to choose from. Now Tesla is putting a few range selections into the Model S lineup which will give the car a much better base starting price.

The lowered price point for the Model S is reflected in the options the vehicle will come with. Starting with the base which is the 60, the starting price will be $66,000. The 60 will use the 60kWh battery which was once available in the Tesla lineup but eventually phased out. Well, to keep demand up for the Model S, the 60 range is now back in play. The 60D will also be available which feature all wheel drive and will start at $71,500. The range topper is the 70D starting at $76,500.

Tesla Fire Caused by Short


When new technology comes to the mass market, there’s always skeptics ready to hark on the technology in a moments notice. In this case, a Tesla Model S was photographed in Norway where it was engulfed in flames. This sent the internet ablaze challenging the safety of the electrical systems in Tesla cars. Even Sandvold Roland, Tesla Spokesperson, stated that the fire was a result of the car itself and not the supercharger.

Specifically, the fire was the result of a short that happened in the Tesla’s electrical distribution box. Tesla has assessed the issues and will be updating the vehicles software to provide added security and monitoring of it’s electrical system to detect these types of shorts. So far, the incident is isolated and Tesla has confirmed that it was not connected to the supercharging stations that are used to quick charge the vehicle.

Tesla Model S Kid Edition


Cars have always been a medium and a hobby that bring can bring a family together. Sharing your interests with your kids, taking them to car shows, and seeing them mesmerized by wheels, bodykits, and big turbos is real proud moment for any petrol head parent. Buying our kids push cars and toy cars is one of the first ways we introduce our kids to the automotive world. Now when they get a little bigger, electric cars are definitely the way to go to let your kid have some fun behind the wheels and to make the neighbor kids jealous.

So what better way to make the other kids green with envy than with Radio Flyer’s newest addition the Tesla Model S! This is a scaled down version of Tesla’s flagship Model S. Same as the big boys car, Radio Flyer’s edition is powered by an electric motor and a litium-ion battery pack. The kids also gets some luxury goods like headlights and a MP3 attachment for some tunes. Unlike most powertoys, Radio Flyer’s Model S has 2 speed settings that allow kids to drive at a learning pace of 3 mph or a top speed of 6 mph.

Starting at $499, it’s not a cheap toy, but who can say no to the kid inside of us…I mean our kids.

Tesla Eliminates 85kWh Battery for Model S


Tesla is a company that really defines the EV space in the automotive industry. The company shows that not only can you make a car green by being full electric, you can also have staggering performance from it as well. Thinking about its customer base and applying the adage of less is more, Tesla has decided to expire the their 85kWh battery for the Model S leaving only the choices of the 70, 70D, 90D and the P90D.

The official reason for the expiration was not stated, but one could assume that the value for the range between the 85kWh versus the 90kWh battery makes the latter are more enticing buy. This also translates to less production cost to generate an additional battery option for Tesla and it makes choosing options for the Model S simpler for consumers.

Sticker prices for a base Model S will start at $70,000USD which is packaged with the 70kWh battery and the vehicle gets a rear wheel drive configuration. The top model will start at $88,000USD and will be packaged with the 90kWh battery.

The Tesla movement is truly one that is redefining and will continue to redefine automotive history.

Disrupt: The Tesla Model S P85D Reviewed


I can’t think of any car manufacturer that has been able to create such polarizing opinions on our forums as much as Tesla Motors. From users (including myself) analyzing the stock price, to die hard car enthusiasts debunking the cars, to owners praising the Model S, Elon Musk has created a product that has been able to strike up huge volumes of discussions of the future of our automotive landscape.

Regardless of various opinions on the company or the product, if we ignore all the noise associated with the marketing, the promises, and future Tesla Motor products, the Tesla Model S, shown here in P85D trim, is a solid piece of engineering. A bleeding edge product that doesn’t come attached with the typical pitfalls of bleeding edge products, a vehicle that has successfully converted everyday drivers to electric motoring. It is human nature not to embrace change, and Tesla has done an excellent job of creating an electric car that mostly drives and feels like your everyday high performance gas guzzling sedan. This is what separates the Tesla Model S from the EVs that have previously failed to strike a chord with buyers.

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