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Schumacher’s Family Maintains Stance on Privacy


It’s hard to believe that two-and-a-half years has passed since we first learned of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident which resulted in severe brain injuries for the Formula 1 legend. News coverage of the legend’s health stayed on headlines for quite some time as limited information was being released into media of his progress. The last we heard of Schumacher’s heath was in October 2014 when a doctor said he has had some progress in his recovery, but due to Schumacher’s family wishes, all news relating to his health will remain private.

Most recently, Schumacher’s agent, Sabine Kehm, broke the silence with an update, but only to restate that “Michael will not disappear but at the moment the private situation is so difficult that unfortunately no insight can be given. There must be understanding for this. We just have to accept that the family wants to continue to protect their privacy.”

Schumacher’s Benetton F1 Car Up for Auction in Monaco


Schumacher’s car from his 1992 racing season is going up for auction on May 13 in Monaco. The best part about this car’s racing history is that is come with a lit of Formula 1 greats as it’s previous pilots. Schumacher was already mentioned, but legends like Nelson Piquet Sr and Martin Brundle have also had their time behind the wheel of this specific car which is a 1991-1992 Benetton-Ford B191/191B.

Engineered by John Barnard, this car features the 72-degree 3.5-liter Ford V8 engine connected to a Benetton-made six-speed gearbox. The engine produces 730hp and can rev up all the way to 13,800 rpm.

In the 1992 Formula 1 season, Schumacher was signed to the Benetton team to pilot the B191/191B. At his debut race, he qualified third and finished third which put him on the podium. Interlagos was the last time this car put up some track time. To this day, the car has been kept in running condition and is indeed track ready. It still wears the livery as Schumacher left it after the 1992 Brazil race.

Grosjean Wins Race of Champions 2012

French Formula 1 racer Romain Grosjean beat a field of superstars of motorsport to claim the Race of Champions trophy at Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium. This year’s F1 champion, Sebastian Vettel was knocked out in the quarter-finals, the same result from last year–needless to say, not a very good showing from the three time F1 champion–but I digress.

To become the Champion of champions, Grosjean beat out Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen in the best-of-three final. Kristensen, who himself was in the final last year was trying to win his first ROC championship. He has competed in the Race of Champions 12 times.

Two other Formula 1 champions, Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard, were dropped in the semi-finals by Grosjean and Kristensen respectively. Schumacher, along with his German teammate Vettel, had won the ROC Nations Cup the previous night by beating none other than Team France represented by Sebastien Ogier and Romain Grosjean. Grosjean got over the loss quickly and stormed through to capture the individual championship:

“That’s what I’d call a crazy day! It got a bit tough in the group stages but I managed to make it through. Then I had to face Sebastian Vettel in the quarter-final before Michael Schumacher in the semi-final – the two Germans who beat us in yesterday’s ROC Nations Cup final. Then I had the final with Tom. We’ve had a good history at this event and I’ve raced him before so it was good to face him in the final. I got a bit of extra luck to be in the right car at the right time but it felt good.

It’s been a tough end to the F1 season but I finally got back on the podium yesterday, and now this! It’s great to get this win before I head off for a holiday. Thanks to everyone in Thailand because the welcome has been fantastic.”

Kristensen who fell short for the second year in a row by losing out in the finals says that he’ll continue to try and win that elusive championship and that at least he can go home knowing he set the fastest lap time of the weekend at the 25th Race of Champions. These guys sure are competitive ;)

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2012 Race of Champions Thailand Starts Tomorrow

The track for the 2012 Race of Champions is all paved and ready to go at Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium. If you’re not familiar with the RoC, you’ll want to check out their website but the basic premise is to bring together the greatest drivers from around the world–from Formula 1, rally, touring car, Le Mans, MotoGP, IndyCar and X-Games–and then pit them against each other on the same track and in the same car.

The weekend will begin on Friday with the RoC Thailand and RoC Asia events followed by the RoC Nations Cup on Saturday and then what we all look forward to, the individual Race of Champions on Sunday. This year organizers are putting on the inaugural “RoC Rocks” festival right next door to the Rajamangala Stadium featuring stands from their partners including Red Bull, Singha, Toyota and Yamaha.

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Past controversy dogs Schumacher on Monaco return

Michael Schumacher’s checkered past came back to needle, if not haunt, him at the Monaco Grand Prix on Wednesday.

Schumacher takes stock of his performance

Like a seasoned stockbroker, Michael Schumacher reminded the world on Thursday that past performance is no guarantee of future success and asset values can go down as well as up.

Time for Schumacher to show he’s still among F1’s best

In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out. Good thing
Michael Schumacher isn’t swinging a bat.

Too soon to write off Schumacher, warns Brawn

It is too soon to write off Formula One legend Michael Schumacher this season, Mercedes team chief Ross Brawn warned on Friday.

Schumacher return a big hit with German TV viewers

Michael Schumacher’s Formula One return at the Bahrain Grand Prix was a big hit with German television viewers as almost twice as many tuned in this year, broadcaster RTL said on Tuesday.

Ferrari fills podium in uneventful Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher returned to Formula One on Sunday after
three years in retirement and found it was just how he remembered

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