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McLaren’s Variable Tint Roof


McLaren is a company that develops and builds some of the most exclusive cars on the market. So why not have a division that’s dedicated to delivering bespoke options for owners just to make things even more exclusive. That division at McLaren is called MSO and this year they produced a new electro-chromic roof which allows drivers to select between five different tints ranging from almost clear to dark.

McLaren decided to debut this new feature on their 570GT. The car they used was a black-and-white vehicle which really shows off the roof when it goes through the various levels of tinting. The MSO division did a few more subtle changes to the exterior of the 570GT to really bring the car together. It received gloss carbon fiber sill panels, and a Piano Black package which is applied to the wheels, side skirts and door inserts.

McLaren Represents at Goodwood Festival with 2 P1 GTRs


The McLaren company is putting their best foot forward this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed by showing up with two P1 GTRs. McLaren never really intended to build the P! GTR but customer demand for a track focused P1 was too strong to ignore. And are we glad the company didn’t ignore its customers.

Each will be racing up the famous hill at Goodwood, campaigned by two different teams.

The two P1 GTRs representing at Goodwood comes from different places. The first one is from Lazante Ltd, and they have taken the street version of the P1 GTR and modified it. The Lazante name is closely tied to motorsport racing and the McLaren brand as they piloted a F1 GTR to victory in 1995 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The second P1 GTR is directly from McLaren Automotive. This one will be piloted by McLaren P1 GTR driver program mentor Bruno Senna.

McLaren 675LT Carbon Fiber Series


McLaren uses plenty of carbon fiber in the construction of their vehicles, except its usually hidden, or painted over, unless its inside the cabin. Now the company has created what might be their ultimate vehicle, the 675LT Carbon Fiber Series which puts the carbon fiber material front and center.

With the Carbon Fiber Series LT, McLaren made 40% more of the body panels on the 675LT in carbon fiber and left them unpainted and exposed. Every where you look you see the light weight material. From the front to the back, to the little details like the fuel filler cap are all carbon fiber. Some may think its carbon fiber over load, but the reality is McLaren did a superb job at making sure it’s not over the top.

The 675LT Carbon Fiber Series continues to be powered by the 3.8L twin turbo V8 that pumps out a devilish 666hp. At only 25 being produced, each unit already has a buyer lined up.

McLaren F1 Kept Alive with a Laptop from the 90’s

mclaren f1

The McLaren F1 is undisputedly the most iconic high performance supercar of the 90’s. It was the car that was on the posters hung up on the walls of teenage motorheads. Funny enough that the same supercar is now being kept alive by a 20 year old computer that is less sophisticated than the iPhone you have in your pocket.

It was recently disclosed that the McLaren needs to be hooked up to an obsolete Compaq LTE 5280 laptop which contains a custom car in the computer which interfaces with the F1 to run all the engine diagnostics for maintenance. The problem is that particular laptop is no longer manufactured and the interface card is no longer available which creates quite the maintenance nightmare.

McLaren realizes that this is clearly a problem and they are working on updating the F1 so it can interface with modern day computers.

Brand New McLaren 650S Crashes


Carbon fiber is a super light weight material that’s as light as a feather but as strong or stronger than steel. But its still no match for a trunk of a tree as a new owner of a McLaren 650S recently found out the hard way. The owner took delivery of his brand new super car, and not 10 minutes later introduced it to the local trunk.

The McLaren was spotted with its entire front end shattered to pieces after colliding with the tree. It should go without saying that poor control of a 641 horsepower car and a heavy right foot is probably a poor combination of things to happen. What more, when the car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3 seconds, drivers really don’t have that much time to react when they don’t know what they are doing.

Pristine McLaren F1 for Sale


McLaren Special Operations Heritage Division is selling McLaren F1 number 69, one of the last production cars back in 1998, and it has only covered 2,800 miles. Chassis number 69 is the 60th McLaren to be built by McLaren and the car was ordered with a specific look in mind.

With the design of the McLaren F1 striking at every heartstring of a car enthusiast, number 69 pushes the visual boundaries one further by being an all Carbon Black car with matching black magnesium 17 inch wheels. The interior has also been wrapped in black leather throughout with red accents.

Number 69 will come with it’s factory bespoke luggage, specially designed titanium toolkit and box, and a numbered Tag Heuer watch which every McLaren owner received one when they took delivery of their F1.

This car is truly a one of a kind in every way imaginable. And being for sale, it’s just waiting for the next lucky person to call it theirs.

Track Ready McLaren 570S GT4 Revealed

McLaren 570S GT4

McLaren recently released an aggressive business plan to produce a large number of new vehicles and to promote new power train options to consumers. Now they have revealed their newest lineup of cars, the 570S, the 570S GT4 and 570S Sprint. The 570S is the street going version while the GT4 is developed for homologation into competition and the Sprint is an all out unlimited track day beast.

The homologated GT4 is built to British Racing Series specs so that they can be used for competition. The GT4 is physically wider than the stock 570S, has competition spec aero that features full adjustability on both front and rear wings. The GT4 is powered by a race prepped version of the 570S’ twin turbo V8. In stock trim, that powerplant pumps out 562hp and 443lb/ft of torque, but official power numbers isn’t provided for the GT4 unit.

The Sprint will have all of the modifications that are available on the GT4. The major difference is that it will not have to conform to any racing series rules which means the Sprint will be a no holds barred version of the GT4 essentially.

The GT4 will be offered to racing teams for the 2017 season at a price tage of $225,500 USD and pricing for the Sprint will soon follow.

Alonzo’s Horrific Crash in Australia


The first race of the Formula One season certainly started and ended in disappointment for Fernando Alonso and the folks over at McLaren. During the race, Alonzo and Esteban Gutierrez of the Hass Team came together as they battled for 19th place. The net result sent Alonzo into a major crash, rolling his McLaren over and completely destroying the vehicle and damaging the engine in the whole ordeal.

The race got red flagged and fortunately for Alonzo and Gutierrez they both came out of the accident unharmed. According to Alonzo, “It was a big crash. I tried to take the slip stream of Gutierrez until braking point and in the last moment it was a combination of factors that we ended up with a crash. Lucky we are both okay talking to you guys, and I’m thankful for the safety of the car and I am alive talking to you. Thanks to FIA work and continual safety.”

McLaren P1 Narrowly Avoids Disaster


With the McLaren P1 production run having come to an end, every single P1 that’s on the road or on the track becomes more and more valuable. That’s why when a factory owned P1 GTR lost control at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca right at the corkscrew everyone held their breath for a brief moment and turned their heads away at what looked to be an inevitable demise of a P1.

The P1 GTR was being piloted around Laguna Seca on a private race day and the driver was on a hot lap trying to set the best lap time for all other drivers to match during the day. The P1 powered its way up the hill toward the corkscrew, turns hard into the blind left and powers out down the hill to the right. At this time, the back end of the P1 kicked out and the car spins around almost hitting the side guard rails. Luckily, the car comes to a halt right before imminent impact.

The P1 GTR is a track prepared P1 which offers more power than the stock version. Power output is bumped to 986hp, and the suspension has been exchanged for a race-prepped suspension. Only 35 P1 GTRs were built.

McLaren P1 Replacement Could Go All Electric


McLaren is no stranger to EV technology as has both developed and integrated some of the most state of the art technology into their P1 supercar. With no more production of the P1 in sight, the company is setting its sights on developing a completed electric successor to the P1. This falls in line with McLaren’s recent announcement of their “Track22” business plan where the company talks about the introduction of fully electric prototype vehicles on the horizon.

McLaren’s business plan points to the development of 15 all new or successor vehicles. There’s no saying which model will get the full electric treatment, but an EV P1 successor would be an interesting endeavor. The British automaker plans to continue development of gas and hybrid powerplants so us petrol heads can still have something to look forward to.

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