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New Toyota Supra

toyota supra

Those of us who grew up in the 90’s remember the infiltration of Japanese supercars which contended with the likes of those coming out of Italy and Germany. This included the Acura NSX, Mazda RX7 and the Toyota Supra. All of these vehicles have long been discontinued, but some have moved on to newer iterations. Acura recently released their all new NSX. Mazda made the RX8 which never lived up to the car that was the RX7. But only Toyota remains in producing a car as a successor to their dominating Supra.

The rumor mill surrounding an all new Supra has been circulating for a while and Toyota has not denied that they are working on something. When Toyota put out the FT-1 concept a few years back, it was beginning to pave the way ahead for a design concept for the new Supra. Now there are rumors that Lexus’ new engine might find it’s way into the heart of a new Supra. Again, all of this is speculation until we see something a bit more official. That powerplant will be a twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine which recently has proven to be a potent powerplant across many automakers.

58,000 Toyota Camry and Avalon Recalled


Toyota will be issuing a recall on 58,510 vehicles which impact both the Camry and Avalon with a model year of 2016. The issue has been identified as an incorrectly calibrated Occupant Classification System in the passenger’s side front seat. The OCS monitors the weight of the passenger and determines whether or not to turn on the air bags. With the calibration of the OCS compromised, the airbag might not go off during an accident due to inaccurate readings of the passenger’s weight.

The recall will require dealerships to recalibrate the OCS free of charge to the vehicle owners. We encourage all owners to contact their local dealership for more information.

All New Toyota Prius Prime Debuts in New York


Sometimes taking a break, re-evaluating what you are doing, and coming back refreshed is a good thing. This is what Toyota did with the Prius after stopping production last June. Now, the Prius is back better than ever. Toyota took to the New York Auto Show to showcase their latest iteration of the Prius which is now called the Prius Prime.

The plug-in hybrid now packs an 8.8-kwh battery and can get an estimated range of 22 miles on full electric power. Toyota clearly took the break time with the Prius seriously and re-evaluated the cars capabilities as the last generation Prius was only capable of 6 miles on all electric power. This was mission critical for the Japanese automaker as consumers who purchase plug-in hybrids are seeking cars that give the most range from the electrical output. No doubt when combined with the onboard gas motor range isn’t an issue, but the comparison point will always be “how far can I get on just electric power?” The redesigned Prius Prime puts it right in the middle of the pact when it comes to EV range with Ford’s Fusion on the low end at 19 miles and Chevy’s Volt on the top end at 53 miles. As is, the Prius Prime offers a total range from the 11.3-gallon tank and electric power at more than 600 miles.

The Prius Prime gets one big change on the inside for 2017 which is the deletion of the rear middle seat. This was done to house the larger 8.8kwh battery. Infotainment is available via an 11.6-inch HD display with its top Entune multimedia system. A head-up display function is built in for driver aid and wireless phone charging capabilities provide a nice feature for passengers. Always striving for more energy savings, the Prius Prime senses when passengers are in the vehicle and by specific seat and direct airflow only to those occupants. When less passengers are in the car, the Prius Prime will require less power to run the onboard climate control system.

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Toyota Adds Hybrid Model For 2016 RAV4


Hybrids are infecting the rest of the Toyota Line. Today, in New York, Toyota unveiled the latest RAV4. The Rav4 got a bit of a polishing with new LED headlights, tail lights and bumper treatments. Other improvements include a new cup holder that accommodates your favourite mug with handles and paddle shifters on the new SE trim level.

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Toyota holds onto crown of World’s Largest Automaker

Although there were hints and allegations that the Volkswagen Group might have taken the global sales crown for 2014, the final tally puts Toyota at the top with 10.23 million sales in 2014. We should really say it keeps Toyota at the top, since that makes three years in a row the Japanese compa…

Toyota spotlights Amy Purdy in new ad ahead of Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is still days away, but companies can’t seem to help revealing their spots ahead of the big game. We already know a little of what Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have in store for us, and now the Japanese automaker is premiering one of its inspiring commercials for the refreshed 20…

Toyota and Mercedes kick off 2015 Super Bowl ad with dads and hares

Advertising Age says pregame buzz is where Super Bowl advertisers really build momentum for their Big Game commercials, so let the teasing begin. We’ve seen the 30-second Super Bowl spot for the Lexus NX and BMW i3 teaser, but car makers Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are next out of the tunnel with c…

2016 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab revealed along with more details

The Toyota Tacoma stepped behind the curtain for a makeover, and has emerged for 2016 with an appearance both chunky and menacing, plus lots of new tech and features. We’ve already seen its exterior, but some details we didn’t get are that there will be a new locking tailgate that can lower itse…

The all new 2016 Toyota Tacoma


Like the Nissan Titan, the Toyota Tacoma is on a 10 year refresh cycle. Toyota unveiled the Access Cab configuration today in Detroit. High-strength steel is the buzz word for all new trucks these days. The Tacoma is no exception. The new ladder frame uses it and new ultra-high strength steel is used for body panels to reduce weight.

The new Tacoma is motivated with a pair of engines. Looks like the 2.7L 4 cylinder carries over to the new model paired to a new 6-speed automatic. A new 3.5L Atkinson cycle V6 with D-4S tech will be the bigger and likely more popular option. The V6 is mated to the same 6-speed auto or an option 6-speed manual. That’s right, the manual isn’t dead yet.

On the outside, all I have to say is that the truck better have a good personality. It likes the Toyota designers watched too much Chugginton with their kids. Maybe they made a deal with Mazda to steal the smile from the last Mazda3 and gave it their own twist. It’s a face that only a mother could love.

Inside, you get:

-Qi wireless charging
-Smart key with push-button start
-Leather-trimmed seats
-Power moonroof
-Dual-zone automatic climate control
-Enhanced touchscreen audio
-Blind-spot monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
-And much more

Now for the fun of model selections. Regular cab, Access cab, Quad cab. 4X4 and 4X2. Work-ready SR, Iconic SR5, Athletic TRD Sport, Tough-as-nails TRD Off-Road, and Top of the line Limited. That’s 30 different models. I doubt that all will be available in Canada, but selection will be high. The TRD models have a bit of cross marketing going on. Each Tacoma will come with a GoPro® mount up by the rear-view mirror.

The Tacoma is not leaving it’s off-road roots behind even though on road feel and performance is improved. The TRD models have a Multi-Terrain Select system that allows for better control whether on loose rock, mud or sand.

Additional off-road technology includes Automatic Limited Slip and Locking Rear Differential, Hill Start Assist Control (HAC), Clutch Start Cancel (manual transmission only), Active Traction Control, and Crawl Control. Engaging Crawl Control allows the driver to select a speed of 1-5 mph. The Crawl Control system takes over the acceleration and braking, allowing the driver to focus solely on steering.

The interior is not bad. Materials are nice and soft. It will be interesting to see how “luxurious” the Limited model is going to be.

After selling over 7 million units world wide over the last 50 years, Toyota knows the mid-size truck segment and will likely continue to dominate it.

Please enjoy our live photos from the NAIAS in Detroit happening right now.

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2016 Toyota Tacoma shows its face ahead of Detroit debut

Here’s your first full look at the 2016 Toyota Tacoma ahead of its debut at next week’s Detroit Auto Show. No details have been released just yet, but at first blush, the revised Taco looks to be a much-needed step forward for the Japanese midsize pickup.

We like the chiseled, modern face of …

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